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The Fantastic Drawings of Adonna Khare. 



Adonna Khare is an America Artist mainly focused on carbon pencil on paper drawings. 

She received her Masters of Fine Art from California State University Long Beach. Her work has been collected by prestigious public and private collections throughout the world. In 2012 she won the world’s largest art competition ArtPrize, competing against over 1500 artists from all around the world. She has been featured in the Los Angeles Time, NPR, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Juxtapoz Magazine, Mashable, My Modern Metropolis, Saatchi Gallery as well as thousands of blogs, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages.

She has had group and solo shows throughout the country. Long Beach Art Museum, City of Carlsbad Art Gallery, Nassau County Art Museum, Yellowstone Art Museum, Grand Rapids Art Museum and Crystal Bridges.


The drawing is a gift. The artist has the precision and the meticulousness. 
One sees on the vidéos that she works with several pencil with the more or less fine point and with 
tons more or less dark. It is important because that makes it possible to carry out ranges. 

Devoted likes to draw the animals but these drawings are not conventional. Its universe is sometimes 
fantastic, sometimes surrealist. All around bulky animals Lion, elephants, zebras of small animals 
weave their drawings and are suspended with wire or perched on scales in rather improbable positions. 
This universe is close to the dream and it can be described as fantastic but it is also inspired by the paintings
before the rebirth like those of Bruegel the older or Jerome Bosch (the garden of the delights).

The fantastic drawing exists for a long time, at these now remote times, 1560 for Bruegel the old one, 
1480 for Bosch, it was even the only distraction for the common peoples who could not read and they 
contemplated them on the triptychs open to the mass Sunday. 

Adonna does not use the color but the richness of its ranges is so subtle that it can easily occur some. 
As often in fact the details make the richness of the oneiric universe of this talented artist. In these immense 
frescos for good to distinguish them it is necessary to see works with the museum or during exposures. 
The strange details are so numerous that hundreds of Web pages would not be enough. 
You have of it a small outline in the videos. 

Adonna Khare. The Zodiac of EMS.

Website of the Artist.

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