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The Beaudier Painter : Incandescenc.(2010)
Utimate Amplitude.(2010). Structurellism.
The Beaudier Painter : Timeless gleams.(2010). Structurellism.
Structurellism of the Beaudier Painter

The Beaudier Painter : Eternal vibrations. (Nov.2010). Sructurellism.

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The Beaudier Painter: Eternal vibrations. (Nov.2010). Sructurellism.

By rejection of the naturalism the fawn-coloured painters, Matisse, Derain and Vlaminck, taking as a starting point the key of Van Gogh, always employed pure colors. On this subject Andre written Derain: “We used the tubes of color as beat of dynamite”. Here not only by the pure colors forwards but also by the central prospect and this feeling of bursting and dispersion the idea of explosion is essential with strength. The hotter the colors are and the more they contrast between them plus the impression is strong. Thus, in front of you a bomb of color is which has just burst in urgent. Useless to put your hands in front of the eyes you do not risk anything not yet… 

The spectator is of face compared to the central point source of light and color.

The propagation is several types, by obliques of the back forwards what gives this impression of advanced colors towards the spectator, by verticals being propagated towards dimensioned, which induces the idea of bursting and extension

3 great zones of colors arise: on the back of the central point, on the left, the dark tonalities, towards before hot colors with the clear tonalities and sharp, on the line towards before cold colors (blue and green) in let us tons clear. 

There is projection towards before hot colors and sharp (yellow, oranges, reds). Cold colors with let us tons clear (blue and green) are expelled towards the line. The forms in the center, trunk and branches are those of a forest. It is necessary to leave a forest by clear colors and sharp, it is the sign which the heart too much did not suffer from a stay in the large dark forest from unconscious which sometimes can be long and difficult. 

In the neighborhoods of the center one distinguishes familiar forms, trunks, branches, sheets, a mushroom…. Multiple elements which populate the primitive forest. 

The hottest colors of the chromatic circle are projected violently forwards.
They mean the life, passion, the feelings, the intuition, love of nature… 

To the top the line and the center it is the blue which dominates. The blue top is spiritual it is the blue of the coat of the virgin. The blue of the center is liquid, the sea is the cradle of the life. It symbolizes maternity. The childbirth. 

The light is represented by the hot colors, those are savagely expelled forwards, they literally seem to jump to the eyes of the spectator! 
The cold colors with let us tons clear are projected on with dimensions one.

Color: Contrasts between complementary. 
Harmonize and contrasts the carryforward of the colors used to work out the picture on the chromatic circle indicates a contrast between complementary colors. Blue and orange, red and green are complementary colors.