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Huseyin Sahin.

The Strange is always possible. 



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Huseyin Sahin.
The Strange is always possible. 

Turkish citizen, Huseyin Sahin assembles images by photo assembly to create news of them, often extremely strange.
Reality is thus confronted and close to the universe of the dream. 
While amalgamating 2 or 3 images the artist manages to create a shift between the principal reason and the background or between 2 reasons which at first sight do not have any report.

A child uses an airliner like a kite, a swimmer is agitated between the paving stones, a cachalot emerges from sand… 
The juxtaposition of different situations becomes an open door towards poetry with for topic the constant research of strange and the strange one. 

The great force of the images of Huseyin Sahin comes owing to the fact that each one of its creations is an idea in oneself. 
The bringing together between different universes, nature and architecture for example, opens the door with a surrealist universe which does not have any more limits. Even new technologies as the cellphones become the reason for the sets of images.

The photo assembly becomes the process by which the artist gives free court to his creativity. In this direction it is revealing of talent. On the other hand those which do not have any talent are the Web sites or the tools which show such images without commenting on them. Here one gives up the spectator suspended in the vacuum, without lighting it in the black… To not be able or to mean that it is here about surrealism shows the desert which can sometimes hide behind the desire to make the buzz and to have pages seen. 
Today one can buy likes on the social networks, it’s enough to put the price to have million folowers. In fact they are false accounts but who knows it ? 
The money does not make people more intelligent ! 

To think that a base of data is intelligent is to think that a submarine can swim, or that a plane can fly naturally, without the intervention of the man of course. 

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