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Françoise Tolbiac. Old Pewters. Watercolour. (2011). 

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Françoise Tolbiac. Old Pewters. Watercolour. (2011). 50 x 70 cm. 

Here a new scene of kind of Francoise Tolbiac, a new moment of life. These old men who consult the news on a public bench are moving. The artist knew to seize the good moment. The scene seems banal but in addition to the technique which is perfect and of the luminous colors as only the watercolour can produce, there is a beautiful allegory here over the time which passes and a great sensitivity to evoke these peaceful mornings and these days that only the tittle-tattles of the area come to brighten. Framing is tight what inserts the spectator in the scene like saying you also soon to him, a day can be… The spectator can only put certain questions, on old age, the life. It is one of the privileges of art in general and pictorial art in particular : to put rather delicate questions carefully all and in smoothness.

The point of view of the spectator is located at the level of the face of the 2 men. Then the eye follows their glances it goes down.

The 2 characters are centered on the web, framing is very tight, the 4 natural points of interest are used.

Empty spaces and full spaces balance.

The character in the foreground is on the geometrical center of work.
Details :
The colors of the 2 costumes are complementary.
The first character seems to read attentively.

One can wonder whether the second character reads with the first or if he drowses.
Light : 
The light comes from the back of the characters.

Colors : Contrast between complementary colors.
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