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Georges Mathieu. (1921 - 2012). Alkaest. (1967). Informal Art.

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Georges Mathieu. (1921 - 2012). Alkaest. (1967). Informal Art.

Georges Mathieu makes studies of right, letters and of philosophy. 
About 1942 he exerts a little in teaching then decides to paint. 
Dice 1944 he uses the colors starting from the tube and crushes them on the painting with the fingers. In 1950, he exposes to the United States and Japan.
In 1956 with the Sarah-Bernhardt theater in Paris, in front of 2.000 spectators, he carries out a painting of 12 meters out of 4 by using 800 tubes of painting. The Lyric abstraction consist in endeavouring to move and translate the world by expressing its emotion. For that which Malraux had called “ the Western calligrapher ”, the sign accompanies the emotion and precedes the words and the thought. Its style is sharp, air rapid, fluid, and even if its art is instinctive its multiple arabesques are never deprived of esthetic values. The traced signs point out penmanship Chinese and Japanese and the paintingss often have names of battles or historic moments. Very cultivated, the artist wants to thus express the violence of his emotions in reactions to a cubism which it finds cold and without true heart. Alkaest is a hypothetical alchemical substance which would have the property to dissolve any matter. It is by seeking Alkaest that the alchemists found several new elements…

One or more large horizontal are used as bases and the forms or the signs spring on those. 

Picture is tallied perfectly according to tension and the natural point fields of interest.

Painted surfaces occupy about the 2 thirds of pictorial space.

Boats sailing, floating dwellings in and the air or on water, islands which derive or air vehicles whatever the 3 forms that one distinguishes, they seem to emerge from the right-hand side of the painting.

Details : The linguists agree to say today that at the beginning of humanity there was a common language. The words mother : Ma, and dad : Pa, are an good example. In practically all the Indo-European languages these words have the same root. 

Light : The light comes from the white areas which give its movement to the painting. They draw aside the eye of the center to direct it to the top or bottom. 

Colors : Harmonize between hot colors.

Harmonize and contrasts. Harmonize between hot colors, only the blue bottom, cold color, contrast violently.

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