The Photography.

Anne Vignau. Freshness. 06. 2019. 

Impressionism is always alive ! 

Paul Cezanne. The Card Players 
or the Way towards the Abstraction. 

Analysis and study of the painting.

Jean-François de Troy.
The Oysters Lunch. 1734.

Analysis of the painting.

Zao Wou-Ki. The Painter 2 times between 2 Worlds ! 
4.01.1962. Analysis and study of the picture.

Turner impressionist 45 years before Impressionism ! 

William Turner, The Harbour of Dieppe. 1826.

The Beaudier Painter. Flowers of Fire. Structurellism.
Analysis of the painting.

Chaim Soutine. (1893-1943). 
A Young English Person. 1934. 

Chaim Soutine. (1893-1943). The Gaude and the Baous. 
(Street at Cagnes.) 1922 – 1923.

Picasso. Portrait of Dora Maar.

Guernica and the Colour.

Dali, Raphael, Spheres and Time.

Salvador Dali. Gipsy of Figueres. (1923).
Analysis and study of painting.

Salvador Dali. Self - Portrait Cubist. (1923). 
When Dali was Cubist !
Analysis and study of the Picture.

Salvador Dali. The Face of the Great Masturbator. (1929).
Analysis and study of the Picture.

Franz Marc. (1880-1916). Foxes. 1913.

Pieter Brueghel the Older. The Triumph of Death. 1562.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The Dutch Proverbs. 1559. Gemäldegalerie. Berlin. 

Erasmus (1466 - 1536), Dutch, humanistic writer and scholar, publish Adages in 1500 in Paris: a collection of 818 Latin and Greek proverbs for the first edition, then 4151 in the final edition of 1533. The proverbs were borrowed from the authors Greek and Latin of Antiquity and Erasmus adds the parémiographes to it, of the Greek paroimia, “proverb” and graphein, “to write”, of the Middle Ages. Erasmus gives more or less developed explanations, always erudite, following each proverb and the translation, the source, the occurrences gives some, exposes some to the need stylistic operation, 
for example: Feasted slow: “ hastens slowly ” is an antithesis. 

It analyses the political, religious, philosophical implications while making emerge an expansion of quotations and sources. Such a company of compilation is understood only within the humanistic project of exhumation of the texts and of the ancient thought, it is by this double conviction that one can gather in the same work the dispersed fragments of the culture and universal knowledge and that one will draw the matter from it from a wisdom for the present. 

Following this publication Brueghel paints its painting : The Dutch Proverbs which illustrates between 85 or 120 proverbs. 

We will try to present to you the maximum of proverbs accompanied by their illustrations. 

The triptychs of Hieronymus Bosch are populated by strange animals and abnormal beings, sometimes hybrid, 
whose body is of a species and the head of another, at which end ? Are these odd animals, often abnormal,
the allies of the men or their enemies ? From which do they come ? Which is their origin ? How does they arrive 
in the fantastic world of Bosch and for which reason ?

Follow us throughout this enthralling investigation in the middle of the religious beliefs of the Middle Ages but 
also with deepest of unconscious human and its symbolism. 

It is difficult to understand something in the characters of the triptychs of Hieronymus Bosch 
if you do not have the code… 


Kani Alavi. It happened in November. 1996. Fresco. Street Art. 10m X 4,50m. On line : october 7. 2016.
It happened on November 9th, 1989, the wall which separates Berlin opens…


Emile Claus. (1849 - 1924). 
October Morning on the River Leie.

Emile Claus. (1849 - 1924).
Afternoon Along The River.

Emile Claus. (1849 - 1924).
A Meeting on the Bridge.

Emile Claus. (1849 - 1924).
Young country-women going on the edges of the Leie.

Emile Claus. (1849 - 1924). The Harvest.

Jenny Montigny. (1875-1937). The Gardener. 

Guillaume Van Strydonck. (1861-1937).
Willows at the Edges of Escaut.

Anna Boch (1848 -1936). The Carrying one Water.


Mary Bashkirtseff (1858-1884). A Meeting. (1884).

Fernand Pelez. (1848-1913). The Little Merchant of Violets. (1885).

The Judith discovered in Toulouse, France : A Judith of the disciple much more than of the Master Caravaggio… See why

Caravaggio. (1571 - 1610) Judith Beheading Holophernes. 1598. 

Close to the knife.


The 20 most popular paintings, the most consulted pictures

John Singer Sargent (1856–1925). Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, 1886. Tate Gallery. London.

John Singer Sargent (1856–1925). Lady Agnew of Lochnaw.

John Singer Sargent (1856–1925). Morning Walk. (1888). 

Pieter Bruegel the Older. Mad Meg. 1562.

Zao Wou-Ki (1920 - 2013). The Incredible Synthesis. 
4.1.62. Oil on canvas. 1962

The Anatomy Lecture of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp. 1632.

Ernie Barnes (1938-2009). Sugar Shack.

French Rococo Painter : Jean-Honore Fragonard. The Stolen Kiss. (1787-89).
Analysis of painting.

Emile Betsellère. (1847-1880). The Forgotten. 1872.


Vincent Van Gogh. The Bedroom in Arles. October 1888, September 1889. 


Diego Velázquez. (1599 – 1660). 
Infanta Marguerita Teresa in a Blue Dress. (1659).

Diego Velazquez. (1599 – 1660). 
The Waterseller of Seville. El Aguador. (1623).


Jean-François de Troy. The Oysters Lunch. (1734). Rococo.
Oyster and Champagne at the courtship of French kings.


Alphonse Mucha. Winter. (1896). Art Nouveau. 
All the poetry and delicacy of Art Nouveau.

Françoise Tolbiac. Red Shoes. (2011).

Correge. Virgin with the Child.


Jean-Yves Marrec. At the old Harbour of the Forest. Fouesnant. 2014. Pastel.  
The Charming of seaside in Britain.


Julian Coche Mendoza. Earthenware.

Juan Fermin Gonzalez Morales. The Winner.


Irving Ramsey Wiles. (1861 - 1948). The Green Cushion. (1895).

History of Genre Painting.

Dorothea Tanning. (1910 - 2012). Birthday. 1942. Surrealism.

Labor and Work in Art and painting.

Emanuel Leutze. Washington Crossing the Delaware. 1851.

Georges de La Tour. The Cheater with the Ace of Diamond. (1635.)

Eugène Delacroix. Freedom Guiding the People. (1830).

Théodore Géricault. The Raft of the Medusa. 1819.


The Beaudier Painter. Oceane Symphony. 
(07.2014). Structurellism. 

The Beaudier Painter. Oceane Symphony. 
Video.  Structurellism.

Natalia Rudzina Artist. Digital Painting

New ! Paintings with the Magnifying glass. zooms.

The Last Videos of the WebSite (51) : 

The Power of Pictures.

Martin Johnson Heade - Landscapes

The Impressionist World.

Vladimir Kush. Surrealist Painter. 

Leonardo Da Vinci. Mona Lisa or The Gioconda.

Mihai Criste. Surrealist Painter.

Bernard Martin Renou. Sidereal fairies. May 2013. Digital Painting.

Maria Remedios Varo.

The Best of Photography

George Grie and the Neosurrealism. 

From Hell. 
BMR DIGITAL Painting. Abstract surrealism, expressionnism, numerical Art.

History of Stars in Painting. Art, Sun, Moon and Stars.

Analysis :

Natalia Rudzina

Raoul Dufy. (1877 - 1953). Landscape with Houses and Cattle. 1930. Fauvism.

Anatomy of an Aneurism. Medical imagery.

Max Ernst. (1891 - 1976). Antipope. 

Otto Dix. The street of Prague. (1920). Expressionnism.

Max Ernst. (1891 - 1976). Temptation of Saint Anthony. 1945. Surrealism.

Otto Dix. Metropolis. (The Big city). (1927-28). Expressionnism. Triptych. New objectivity.

Edvard Munch, The Scream, 1893, Painting with the Magnifying glass. Zoom.

Vincent Van Goght. The Starry Night.1889. Painting with the Magnifying glass. Zoom. 

Edouard Manet, In the conservatory,1879, Painting with the Magnifying glass, Impressionism.

Salvador Dalí. The Persistence of memory. 1931. Surealism. (Soft Watches.)

Otto Dix. The War. (1929-32). Expressionnism. Triptych.

Gustav klimt. The Virgin. (1913).

Gustav klimt. Danae. (1907).

Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933).

The Angel of Resurrection. Louis Comfort Tiffany.Stained Glass. (1904).

Louis Comfort Tiffany. Guiding Angel. Stained glass. (1890).

Song of Spring. Louis Comfort Tiffany. Stained glass according to the painting of William Bouguereau. (1889).

Louis Comfort Tiffany. Landscape with Waterfall. Stained glass. (1920).

Education. Louis Comfort Tiffany. Stained glass. (1890).

Jesus and Nicodeme. Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848 - 1933).Stained glass. 

Louis Comfort Tiffany. A Wooded Landscape in 3 Panels. Stained glass. (1905).

Louis Comfort Tiffany. Evening Landscape. Stained glass. (1910).

The Engine or the Train under Snow. Claude Monet. (1875).

Arcimboldo: The Spring Arcimboldo : The Earth  Arcimboldo : Vertumus Arcimboldo : The Bookseller
Murillo : The Young Beggar Monet :  impression raising Sun Monet : The Magpie Monet : The Field off Poppies
Renoir : On the Terrace Le Lorrain : one Seaport setting sun

Renoir :At the edge of the Sea  

Renoir : In the Hills 
Véronèse : The Wedding at Cana  Seurat : Poseuse de Profil Gainsborough : Conversation in a Park

De Hooch : The Drinker

Véronèse : The Martyrdom Véronèse : Barnabé. Véronèse : Venus And Adonis Tintoret : Pietà
Tintoret : Last Cene  Tintoret : Tarquin and Lucrece  Tintoret : The Origin of the Milky Way 

Fernande Garay : The Tree of Life

Fernande Garay : Forest

Gustav Klimt : The Kiss

Jean Marie Barre : Transfer

Jean Marie Barre : It was that of the Doctor

Mary Cassatt : The Bath.

Alfred Sisley : Misty morning

Edgar Degas : Dancers

Beaudier Painter : Incandescenc.(2010). Structurellism.

The Beaudier Painter : Utimate Amplitude.(2010). Structurellism.

The Beaudier Painter : Timeless Gleams.(2010). Structurellism

The Beaudier Painter : Eternal Vibration (Nov.2010). Structurellism. 

The Beaudier Painter : Glances (2011). Structurellism.

The Beaudier Painter : Glances (2011). Structurellism.

The Beaudier Painter : Revelation. (2011)

The Beaudier Painter : Revelation. (2011)

Leonardo da Vinci. Mona Lisa or The Gioconda. (1503 -1507).

Leonardo da Vinci. Mona Lisa or The Gioconda. (1503 -1507).

Vincent Van Gogh, 
The Starry Night. (1889).

The Beaudier Painter : Third Eye.

Peter Paul Rubens. Erection of the Cross
. (1610).


John Constable. The Cathedral of Salisbury. (1825).

Thomas Lawrence. Pinkie. (1794).

John Everett Millais. Ophelia. (1852).

Johan August Malmstrom.  Dancing Fairies (1866).

John William Waterhouse. The Lady of Shalott (1888).

Pierrette Chapus. Nuaison.(2011). Sructurellism.

Andrew Wyeth. Christina’s World. (1948).

Secret of Eden. The Beaudier Painter.(Nov 2011).

Marc Chagall. The Bride. (La Mariée).(1950).

Paul Signac. Women at the Well. (1892).

Edward Robert Hughes. Midsummer Eve. (1908). 

Jan Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring. (1665). Mona Lisa of North.

Pablo Picaso. The Old Guitarist. (1903).Blue period.

Paul Delaroche. The Young Martyr. (1853). 

Hieronymus Bosch. The Garden of Earthly Delights. (1480-1490). Triptych.

Vincent Van Gogh. The Cafe Terrace, 
at Night. (1888).

Caravaggio. The Death of the Virgin. (1606).

El Greco. View of Toledo. (1599).

Vincent Van Gogh. The Church at Auvers.

Willie Shapira. Explosion. (12/2011). Structurellism. 

Caspar David Friedrich. The Wanderer above the Mists. (1818).Romanticism

Willie Shapira. Moon Light. (02/2012). Structurellism. 

Pierrette Chapus. Essentia. (01.2012). Structurellism.

Edward Munch. The Scream. (1893).

Salvador Dali. (1904 - 1989). Swans Reflecting Elephants. (1937).

Paul Cézanne (1839 - 1906). Young Boy with the Red Waistcoat. (1888-89).

Felix Nussbaum (1904-1944). The Pearls. (1938).

Franz Marc (1880-1916). Fighting Forms. (1914).

Wassily Kandinsky. Moscow. (1916).

Tomas Cole. Falls of the Kaaterskill.(1826)

Karl Blechen. Building the Devil’s Bridge. (1833).

Antonio Allegri says Corrège. Virgin with the Child with St John Baptist. (1515).

Dalila Imadalou. Eastern Sails. (2011). 

Dalila Imadalou. Umbrellas at Nyon. (2011).

Dalila Imadalou. The Casbah. (2011).

Françoise Tolbiac. Red Shoes. (2011).

Françoise Tolbiac. Arpeggio. (2010).

Françoise Tolbiac. Old Pewters. Watercolour. (2011).

Virgo Painter.(Virginie Hucher).Prelude.(2009).Surrealism, structurellism. 

Thomas Cole. The Titan's Goblet.
(1833). Hudson River School.

Frederic Edwin Church. The River of Light. (1833). Hudson River School

Thomas Cole. Home in the Woods. (1847). Hudson River School. 

Frederic Edwin Church. Aurora Borealis. (1865). Hudson River School.

omas Cole. Falls of the Catskill. (1826).

Martin Johnson Heade.  Cattleya Orchid and 3 Brazilian Hummingbirds. (1871).

Frederic Edwin Church. Morning in The Tropic. (1858). Hudson River School.

Frédéric Edwin Church. A Country Home. (1854). Hudson River School.

Martin Johnson Heade.  Orchids and Hummingbird. (1875).

John Simmons (1823-1876)
Here Lives Titania. (1872).

Martin Johnson Heade.  Hummingbirds and Flowers of Passion.

John Simmons (1823-1876). Titania. (1866). 

Vincent Van Gogh. Wheatfield with Crows. (07.1890)

Martin Johnson Heade. 
 The Great Florida Sunset. (1887).

Jacques Louis David. The Oath of the Horatii. (1784).

Jacques Louis David. The Intervention of the Sabine Women. (1799). 

Martin Johnson Heade. 
The Great Florida Marsh. (1886).

Stephan Manse. Nebula. (2012). Structurellism.

Vincent Van Gogh. Starry Night Over the Rhone. (1888). 

Edward Hopper. House by the Railroad. (1926). 

Fernando Naviskas. Live in Concert. (2012). Structurellism. 

Carl Spitzweg.The Bookworm. (1850). Realism.

Claude Monet. The House in the Roses. (1925). Impressionnism. 

Claude Monet. Plump Trees In Blossom. (1879). Impressionnism.

Carl Spitzweg. The Poor Poet. (1839). Réalism

James Ensor. Death and Masks. (1897).

Edward Hopper. Nighthawks. (1942).

Pierrette Chapus. Aphanee. (2012). Structurellism.

Hieronymus Bosch. The Garden of Earthly Delights. (1480-90).

Carlo Carrà. Funeral of the Galli Anarchist. ( 1910). Futurism. 

Georg Grosz. Metropolis. (1916-17). Dadaism. 

Marcel Duchamp. Nude Descending a Staircase N°2. ( 1912).

Willem De Kooning. Woman I . (1952). Expressionnism.

The Beaudier Painter. Metamorphosis. Homage To Vincent. (11.2012). Structurellism.

Jan Vermeer (1632-1675), Girl with a Pearl Earring. (1665). New version. 

Edgar Degas. L’Absinthe. (1876). Impressionnism.

Tintoreto. Worship of the Shepherds. (1579-81). Mannerism.

Romanticism: To the Literature at the Painting, to the Old world at the New world....

Asher B. Durand. The Beeches. 1845. Hudson River school

John William Waterhouse. 
 Boreas. (1903). 

Claude Monet. Harbour of Le Havre, Night Effect. (1867). Ipressionnism

Maria Remedios Varo. Character.

From which come the force,the power and the beauty of the pictures ?

Maria Remedios Varo. Premonition. (1953).

Vincent Van Gogh. The Red Vineyard. November 1888. 

Joaquín Sorolla. (1863 – 1923). Children on the Beach. Valencia. (1916). 

El Greco. Christ on The Cross. (1600 - 1610). Mannerism

Jan Brueghel The Elder. (1568 – 1625).Still Life with irises, Tulips, Roses, Narcissis and Fritillary in a Ceramic Vase. (1607- 08). 

Rachel Ruysch (1664 - 1750). Still Life of Roses, Tulips, a Sun Flower and Other Flowers in a Glass Vase With a Bee, Butterfly and Other Insects Upon a Marble Ledge. (1710).

Bernard Buffet. Head of Clown. (1955).

Pieter Bruegel the Older. (1525 - 1569). The Tower of Babel. (1564). 

Egon Schiele,Self-portrait with raised bare shoulder,1912

Umberto Boccioni. Futurism. Forces of a Street. (1911).

Richard Parkes Bonington. (1802-1828). Rouen. (1825). Watercolour.

Richard Parkes Bonington. (1802-1828). Venice, Grand Canal. (1826).

Fernande Garay. Rainbow. (2009).

The Engine or the Train under Snow. 
Claude Monet. (1875).

Georges Mathieu. (1921 - 2012). Alkaest. (1967). Informal Art.

Jesus and Nicodeme. Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848 - 1933).Stained glass. 

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