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Anatomy of an Aneurism. Medical imagery.

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Anatomy of an Aneurism. Medical imagery.

Patient: Man 56 years. Scanner Hospital of Saintonge. 17100 Saintes.

An aneurism is a dilation or an abnormal distension of the wall of a vessel, here of the abdominal aorta, creating a cavity or a hernia filled of blood, in continuity with this vessel.
Aneurisms are due to anomalies modifying the structure of the arterial wall. Observation of tissue on the level of an aneurism arterial highlight an anomaly of constitution of the elastic zone of the internal wall. On this weakened wall, the shocks due to the blood pressure involve the formation of a hernia (distension of the vessel). 
The main risk of aneurisms is a rupture due to the thinning and the destruction of the arterial wall from which they are formed. Such a rupture causes an internal bleeding (of variable gravity according to the localization of aneurism). The aneurism dissecting of the aorta corresponds to a rupture of the internal wall of the latter, involving a side cracking supporting the bleeding out of the artery. The more one aneurism is of big size, the more the risk of rupture is important.

Anomaly : 
The normal diameter of the abdominal aorta is from 20 to 25 millimetres at the man, an aneurism results in a diameter higher than 30 Misters Here the diameter is of 63,1 mm. Beyond 50 mm, the risks of rupture are real and this accident is often dramatic. On 100 people victims of an aneurysmal rupture of the abdominal aorta, 25 will even die before arriving at the hospital, 50 before reaching the operating room suite and 13 into postoperative. Only 12 thus will survive the event.

Doppler echography : 

Ecographie two-dimensional is carried out on August 19th, 2013 with 17:30 by the cardiologist. It reveals: An Aneurism of the abdominal aorta partly thrombosis (stopped), the presence of liquid beside the aorta which leaves suppose that there were escapes thus that aneurism is ready to break. With 18:30 the patient is at the hospital of Saintonge for a Scanner which will give the stereotype studied here. Return to the cardiologist with 19:00 after the scanner and RDV is taken for on August 26th, 2013 in Bordeaux for an echography under Dobutamine which its to be used as preoperative assessment. 

Repair : 

An emergency Surgical operation is necessary. 
The surgery is not stripped of risks (4 to 5% of postoperative mortality). It consists to open the aorta, to clean the inner face of the wall, to remove the plate of cholesterol and a possible clot in formation. A prosthesis is then installation and the surgeon reimplants all the additional arteries on the prosthesis to ensure the irrigation of the various bodies such as the kidneys and the lower extremities.
The intervention is carried out on September 6th, 2013 in Bordeaux by Professor Deville. Evacuation of clots. Installation of a Dacron tube 14 mm in diameter on the aorta by an overcasting of Prolène. 

Antecedents : 

The patient made a myocardial infarction in 1992 follow-up of triple coronary bridging. In 2004 pennies coronary dilation one poses stents to him.
The patient has cardiac antecedents since 1992. They are known of all. 

Causes : 

The first cause of cardiac pathologies is the stress.
For hypertension the patient takes a treatment, for cholesterol too. 
For the kind of stress that people very badly intentioneds made weigh on the patient there is no drug. People in question know the cardiac antecedents of the patient, which was fact is premeditated and the offense is made in band organized.


- Scanner: 115.59 € minimum. 
- Cardiac Echography: 95,66 €.
- Pre Examinations and post operational and cost anesthetist: 2200 €. 
- Prosthesis: 3577 € 
- Operation + block + anesthetist and surgeon : 22.000 €. 
- Hospitalization 10 days: 700 € 
Total: Approximately 28.690 Euros. Supported by the community.
this pathology is refunded to 100% in France.

Explanations : 

Since May 2013 the ex wife of the patient, Marie Lioux 17120 Semussac, against whom a complaint are informed since 2012 for, swindle breach of trust and counterfeit of software published request by interposed usher (Selarl Fouillet- Kawala 17100 Saintes, successors of Michel Bergin), the refunding of 242 € of expenses of its lawyer Olivier Aigoin.17100 Saintes. After having tried to seize the sums on the bank account of the patient they want to seize his vehicle to sell it 242 €. A sale is ordered for October 2013. During 2 months the patient receives mails and telephone threats of this usher. Until it feels of violent pulsations on the level of the belly. He consults his attending physician who directs it at once to the cardiologist then echography, scanner, operation… 
This abusive procedure is diligentée by revenge. With an only aim of harming to the patient. If an offense exists there is premeditated and made with the complicity of a member of the legal profession. Thus one passes from 242 to 28.690 €. 


Article 313-1 : The swindle is the fact, either by the use of a false name or a false quality, or by the abuse a true quality, or by the use of fraudulent schemes, to mislead a natural person or morals and to thus determine it, with its damage or the damage of a third, to give of the funds, values or an unspecified good, to provide a service or to authorize an operative act obligation or discharge. The swindle is punished 5 years of imprisonment and 375.000 € of fine.
Article 313-2: The sorrows are changed at 7 years of imprisonment and 75 0000 € of fine when the swindle is carried out : By a person agent of the public authority or in charge of a public service mission, in the exercise or at the time of the exercise of its functions or its mission; By a person who unduly takes the quality of a person agent of the public authority or charged of a public service mission; By a person who calls upon the public for the emission of titles or the collection of funds at ends of humane or social mutual aid; With the damage of a person of which the particular vulnerability, due to its age, a disease, an infirmity, a physical or psychic deficiency or a state of pregnancy, is apparent or known of its author. The sorrows are carried at 10 years of imprisonment and 1.000.000 € of fine when the swindle is made in organized band.