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Louis Comfort Tiffany. Guiding Angel. Stained glass. (1890). Art Nouveau.

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Louis Comfort Tiffany. Guiding Angel. Stained glass. (1890).

The angel is a spiritual being considered as a messenger or an intermediary between God and humanity. The word comes from the Greek aggelos : “ messenger ”.
That one considers the old Greek religion, the Judaism, Christianity or Islam, in fact the angels are the divine messengers sent to the men to inform them or give them orders. They play the part of intermediaries between man and the celestial forces. It should be known that the Babylonians and the Assyrians represented already winged characters going down from the sky to spread the messages of the gods. Persians and the Egyptians describe protective beings with the characteristics similar to the angels. Freer and more powerful than the human ones, the angels are however subjected to the divine one. An angel can also act as guard, as a celestial warrior and a cosmic power. The guardian angels are used to help and guide the men. In the religious tradition, at its birth each human being is placed under the protection of an angel which with the precise task to assist it constantly its life without never giving up it. The angel, from time immemorial was represented by Art. In this stained glass of Louis Comfort Tiffany, beyond the marvellous one of the colors, it is necessary to note the admirable composition and the feeling of rolling up of the young girl by the wings of the angel. In a large swirl and by a vast circular motion the angel physically protects by its wings that which was entrusted to him. The angel is there physically as a guard but also as a guide because it holds the hand to her and it is attentive because its head is lowered towards her.

If the blue part on the right is the sky the horizon is low, the point of view of the spectator is at the level of the face of the characters. 

The 2 characters are located on the tension fields, on 3 natural points of interest.

Physically the characters are present on 1/3 of work, but the spread wings of the angel make him occupy the 2/3. 

The curved lines dominate the composition. There are a movement of surrounding and rolling up of the wings of the angel, feathers, sheets of the tree and even of the folds of the cape which protect the young woman.

Details : 

The artist did everything so that the texture of glass resembles feathers as much as possible.

Sheets of the tree or feathers of the angel one does not know but glass seems as carved. 

The young woman is intertwined by the wings of the angel and her feathers with the clear tone.

The background lets appear hot colors raised by some cold keys. 

Light : The stained glass is enlightened left. 

Colors : Contrasts between complementary colors. 

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