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Ann and Steven Loveless.

Works represent the renewal of the flora in the Scandinavian forests when they 
awake after the hibernation of winter. 

Initially the young people push aparraîssent and soon all the flora is renewed. 

The freshness of the air and the appearance of greens the different ones let us tons, vibrating and pushing on the cover of the ground among the trees which just start to bud awake 
the directions of Anne and Steve and activates them. 

All this gives them the feeling of a renewal of their own lives during their long walks in the county
 of Benzie as if they were them also awaked of their hibernation.



Their creation always begin with a traditional photograph which then is transferred on fabrics and various textile. Then there are variations of texture, certain fabrics are photographically printed and others are used as batiks dyed.

 Initially created in separated panels, the final composition is treated like an uninterrupted continuous image. 

It takes about 1000 hours to create only one work.

Video: The Mirror of broken time. 



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