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Anne Vignau. Freshness. 06. 2019. 
92 × 73 cm.

Impressionism is always alive ! 

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  In the middle of the 19th century some painters 
settle in the village of Barbizon meadows of Fontainebleau. 

They have as a name : Theodore Rousseau, 
Narcisse-Virgile Diaz of Peña, Constant Troyon, 
Charles-François Daubigny, Jean-François Millet, 
and during a time, Camille Corot. 

They are called the painters of the school of Barbizon. 
They seek to represent the forest in a romantic and rustic 
way which draws from the Dutch tradition, in opposition to 
the academic style of heroic painting of Claude Le Lorrain. 

Theodore Rousseau like Constable and John Chrome, 
is the first painter of this school to have tried to paint 
in the open air in 1832, although on the level of the 
dates one never tightened sure of nothing. 

In Le Havre, a little later, Eugene Boudin initiates 
Johan Barthold Jongkind and Claude Monet with painting 
outside at the seaside. What seeks these painters in the 
middle of the forests and at the edge of the sea ? 

Reflections changing of the light in contact with 
moisture and effects of fogs. 

At the end of its life suffering Monet of cataract will 
have all the sorrows of the world to complete the fresco 
of the nymphea which was due to him so much in heart. 

Insane of rage against the doctors who operated him 
of an eye and against itself Monet destroyed at his place 
in Giverny tens of paintings which it did not like any more… 
It was not satisfied with its work. 

Anne Vignau does not have a problem of cataract. 

She seizes all the nuances of the reflections of the light in 
the wet atmosphere of the forest. Here what is impressionism, 
the moment fixed on the painting where the light takes care of 
fugacious and subtle reflections which in reality last only one moment. 

Technically contrast between the colors complementary 
to the background is reinforced by clearly-obscure contrast between 
the shade of the foreground and the clearness of the background. 

It’s difficult to know if it is voluntary on behalf of the artist 
but if it had been announced to you that the painting 
had been found in an attic of Giverny or of Argenteuil 
and that it was of Monet would certainly have believed it to you 
and you would have been right. 

Because this painting has the same artistic value 
and the same precision in the key as a picture of Monet or Daubigny. 

Impressionism is always alive ! 

Point of view : 

The point of view of the spectator is just 
at the top of the center of the picture. 

The glance of the spectator first of all follows the 
way to the foreground which leads it 
to the luminous zone with the background.

Framing : 

The subject of the picture is a ray of light. 

The 4 natural points of interest thus frame it perfectly. 

Division :

The dark zones are in the foreground and in top on the left. 

The remainder of work bathes in the light. 

This distribution of the shade and the light 
accentuates the effects of the sun ray on the atmosphere. 

Lines : 

The artist uses the large diagonal downward 
from right to left but shifted towards the left. 

Details : 

This part of the picture represents flowers 
and vegetation but the 
details of impressionist works have this of private individual 
that taken out of their context they become completely abstract. 

Here it is understood that the impressionist painter 
does not represent the details in a precise way, it outlines. 

But considering by far the effect is exactly the same one as a perfect drawing. 

Here the part of the picture the most interesting 
on the level of the color.

The impressionists were the first to understand that cold colors 
treated in tons extremely clear were not colder but became hot.

Light : 

The light comes the top and floods all the central part of the painting 
by producing effects of fog because of the wet atmosphere. 

It should be noted, and the impressionists know it well, 
that during the afternoon of strong heat of other 
effects appear on the level of the light and the colours. 

Colours : 

Contrast between complementary colors.

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