Giuseppe Arcimboldo

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Spring               Earth              Vertumus             The Bookseller

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Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-1593).

Born in Milan in 1527 Arcimboldo is formed in the workshop of his father. He begins his career as draftsman of paperboards of tapestries and glass Master, working in particular with his father on the stained glasses of the dome of the cathedral of Milan before putting his talents at the service of princes de Habsbourg between 1562 and 1587.The artist is named official painter at the court of Habsbourg in 1562, the emperors from Germany resided in Vienna and Prague. It seems that he was called by Maximilien, king de Bohême, as official portraitist. It is then protected successively by kings Ferdinand Ier, Maximilien II, then Rodolphe II which confirms its titles of nobility (1580). In 1587 after 11 years with the service of the Arcimboldo emperor is authorized to go back to Milan where it continues to work for the court.In 1591 it forwards to Prague the table entitled Flora, the Roman goddess of the flowers who corresponds to the Greek nymph Chloris, then the portrait of Rodolphe II in Vertumnus, the ancient Roman god of the vegetation and the transformation. These works are worth the title of Count Palatine to him.He makes known himself by very strange portraits, like unreal. Specialized in the “whims”, Arcimboldo works out vegetable or mineral, animal portraits allegorical juxtaposing or objects: the “ composed heads ”, which show human forms symbolizing the seasons : Spring, the Summer, Autumn, the Winter and elements: fire, Water, Air, Earth, or the personification of the trades : the Bookseller, the Gardener, the Cook, the Lawyer.