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Françoise Tolbiac. Arpeggio. (2010).

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Françoise Tolbiac. Arpeggio. (2010). Oil of Canvas : 70 x 50 cm. 

In music, an arpeggio is a series of notes emitted successively and which would form an agreement if they were played simultaneously. Certain string instruments pinches emit more easily of the arpeggios than agreements. The guitar for example or the lute. By extension, the arpeggio indicates the technique of play associated on the string instruments, the pinching of the cords. Father of the lyric abstraction Kandinsky entitles his first paintings, Improvisations, Compositions, Fugues… For him the painter must use the forms and the colors as the musician uses the sounds and the agreements. There always was a close connection between the music, this invisible art, and the painting which is dumb. One and the other could be supplemented. Thus this violonist completely captivated by his interpretation seems to produce not sounds but colors. Around its instrument rise color gradations so much so that it is not known any more if they is the landscape in background or the deformations produced by the violin.
The point of view of the spectator is located at the level of the archer of the violin. Then the glance returns on the face of the musician.
The artist is positioned on the left tension field between 2 natural points of interest. The violin is near to the point of natural interest higher right.
A third of pictorial space is an empty space, all the right part of the painting.
The picture is built on the downward diagonal which marries to it epic of the violonist perfectly. The same diagonal separates the dark zones and the cold colors from the clearest parts to the hotter colors.
Details :
The gesture of the arm of the young woman is full with grace. The painter returns the movement perfectly.
The eyes are closed, the violonist is completely absorbed by his art and very concentrated.
With the background one distinguishes the trees of a landscape, rather diffuse, as those had been create by the sounds of the violin.
Light :
The violonist is in the half-light. Around it a halation is released from white light. This one expresses the effect of the music on the environment. The melody seems to transform the cold colors into hot colors.

Colors : Contrasts between complementary.
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