Education and Pictorial Art :  
World classification 
and French Academies. 

 At the end of 2018. 
(01.01.2018 to 31.12.2018). 


French Website

The Great Museum of World. 

As we regularly do it on the French site (here) 
we questioned our waiters to know which 
comes on the sites 
and with regard to teaching. 

The least which one can say it is that 
we are not disappointed ! 

Here results for 2018. 
(At the 01.01.2018 to the 31.12.2018).

Compared to the year 2017 one can note:

The tendencies are confirmed and accentuated !

Chinese, American, German far at the head ! 

 France takes delay ! 

These figures go against the policy of the 
French Minister for the education which wants 
to remove the Art options in the colleges. 

See here

See result of 2017. 



See result 2018

See result 2018 Painting-Analysis


01.01.2018 at 31.12.2018. 

Classification by per number of Visits : 

* : See with the bottom of the page.

1 Beijing Baidu netcom science 
and technology co. ltd.*
12 947 visits

2  Massachusetts institute 
of technology*
10 871 visits.

 3  Deutsches forschungsnetz*  6 088 visits     

4 Merit network inc.* 5 891 visits

  5  Academy of Lyon  810 visits

  Academy of Rouen  624 visits

7  Renater*  490 visits

8   Academy of Toulouse 489 visits

Academy of Nantes  473 visits

Academy of Grenoble  437 visits

11 Academy of Nancy Metz 350 visits

12 Academy of Poitiers 330 visits

Network of Academie of Bordeaux 310 visits

Academy of Amiens 257 visits

Academy of Caen 249 visits

16 French Minister of Education  223 visits

Academy of Créteil  220 visits

18 Academy of Orléans - Tours 183 visits

19 Academy of Clermont-Ferrand 138 visits

Queensland Educational Department*  121 visits


Beijing Baidu netcom science and technology co. ltd.

Partnership enters the 1st Chinese 
search engine (Baidu) and the institute 
of sciences and technologies of Beijing.
12 947 visites

  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
MIT is often regarded as one 
better world universities. 

The students of MIT were the prizes winner of 78 Nobel Prize ! 

Deutsches Forschungsnetz (" German Research Network ")
usually abbreviated to DFN, is the
German national 
research and education network (NREN)

used for academic and research purposes. 
  6 088 visites.  

Merit Network, Inc., is a nonprofit member-governed 
organization related services to educational, 
government, health care, and nonprofit organizations, 
primarily in Michigan.

Tool of recherch and education in Michigan (USA) 
5 891

: (France).

With the service of the community 
Education - Research
RENATER offers a network 
facilitating the collaboration and the 
convergence of scientific projects and 
academic at the national level 
but also European and international. 490 visites

Queensland Educational Department.

State of Australia. 121 visites