Creative Craftdmen.

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The art of the stained glass

Creative craftsmen

Painting annealed glass

Restoration of the Old Stained glasses.


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Creative Craftsmen.

Certain areas in France have churches with the splendid stained glasses, it is the case in particular of the Jura. In more than 40 churches and vaults, the Jura conceals treasures of modern art: stained glasses signed by Leger, Estève, Coghuf, Bréchet, How and other large contemporary artists will dazzle you. Offer you a visit with accompanying notes to the liking of the route of your choice, while discovering the other richnesses of the Jura.

The trades of glass are numerous and multiple, here a directory or you will be able to follow bonds towards the various trades. 

Other craftsman-creators use the traditional techniques of the stained glass with lead, engraved, painted and cooked. As well as more contemporary techniques such as Thermoforming, thermoforming is a work of flat glass, which under the effect of heat, becomes deformed. This technique makes it possible to animate the surface of glass by reliefs until the development of volumes, as well as Fusing, this technique makes it possible to amalgamate several glasses between them, and to carry out great surfaces of only one holding. Like WORKSHOP BALAYN STAINED GLASSES Founded in 1950.

On the Web of other interesting initiatives abound like the Stained glasses carried out by the father Jacques Minard, in the church of Chateaufort. 
Or like the workshop Holy Stained glass George which carried out the pink of Singapore and which proposes achievements but also training courses.