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Renoir : On the Terrace Le Lorrain : one Seaport setting sun

Renoir :At the edge of the Sea  

Renoir : In the Hills 
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Fernande Garay : The Tree of Life

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Jean Marie Barre : Transfer

Jean Marie Barre : It was that 
of the Doctor

 Mary Cassatt : The Bath.

 Edgar Degas : Dancers.

 Alfred Sisley : Misty Morning

 Mary Cassatt : The Bath.


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Mary Stevenson Cassatt (1844 -1926).The Bath. (1891-92).

Mary Stevenson Cassatt, known as Mary Cassatt is a friendly American artist of Degas. One often attaches his work to the impressionism, which had a great influence on its early fabrics. Its tables and its drawings of maturity must however rather be compared with those ofthe post-impressionist painters or the nabis, with which it shares a Net interest for the Japanese painters of Ukiyo-e, " the floating world ". Mary Cassatt settles in Paris in 1873, joined little afterwards by his mother and his Lydia sister. During these years, it will establish a close artistic cooperation with Edgar Degas. It takes as a starting point its artistic designs. Degas, allured by this young attractive colleague with natural ease will make of it, on the occasion, its model. It then advises to her to join the impressionist movement. Mary Cassatt will take part in 4th, 5th,6th and 8th impressionist exposures. Mary Cassatt affectionne particularly the portraits of women and children and chooses his models among the circle of his close friends, his Lydia sister and Susan, a cousin of his controlling. Like Degas, she likes the indoor scenes, which does not prevent it from signing beautiful fabrics of full air. Its work tightened also influenced by Renoir. With the painter John Singer Sargent, it will be the first American artist to contribute an American share to impressionism, and will support the diffusion of this movement in its country. This one will take its rise with the great exposure of the impressionist painters organized in 1886 in New York.