Arcimboldo: The Spring Arcimboldo : The Earth  Arcimboldo : Vertumus Arcimboldo : The Bookseller
Murillo : The Young Beggar Monet : Sun impression raising Monet : The Magpie Monet : The Field off Poppies
Renoir : On the Terrace Le Lorrain : one Seaport setting sun

Renoir :At the edge of the Sea  

Renoir : In the Hills 
Véronèse : The Wedding at Cana  Seurat : Poseuse de Profil Gainsborough : Conversation in a Park

De Hooch : The Drinker

Véronèse : The Martyrdom Veronese : Barnabé. Véronèse : Vénus And Adonis Tintoret : Pietà
Tintoret : Last Cène  Tintoret : Tarquin and Lucrèce  Tintoret : The Origin of the Milky Way 

Fernande Garay : The Tree of Life

Fernande Garay : Forest

Gustav Klimt : The Kiss




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Veronese. Barnabe curing a Patient (1569)

Barnabe is the nickname given by the Apostles to Joseph, one of the members of the Christian Church primitive in Jerusalem and translated in the New Willby : “ wire of consolation ”. Levite and native of Cyprus, Barnabé passes to be the founder of the Cypriot Church. It is him which introduced Saul de Tarse, who was going to become the Paul apostle, at the other disciples.Paul and Barnabé decided to leave in other cities of Asia to convert the pagan ones and Jews with Christianity. ls is made missionaries. The tradition wants that Barnabé died lapidated in Salamine.