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Best of Street Art. 

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Best of Street Art. 

The artists of the street are the heirs to a thousand-year-old art, the art of the fresco and the first known frescos are carried out towards 15.000 years front. J. - C.

This art evolved since the caves of Lascaux or the tombs of the Pharaons.

Technically painting with water on a coated wall of fresh mortar of the rebirth left the place to the paint sprays. 

Concerning the subjects if the frescos of the streets are now seldom nuns they can always remain committed but especially decorative perpetuating the muralism which an essential aspect of the Mexican painting 
of the 20th century. 

The artists of Street Art can use their environment, urban furniture, the staircases, the cracks, the small details of the life of the daily life to transport us in surreality. This universe close to the dream is accessible by the proportions of works and the subjects represented. Monsters emerge on the walls or with the coloured and variegated faces the frontages decorate with the buildings and sometimes in unexpected or improbable places. 

One of the essential aspect of the art of the street is humor, a humor of Dali or Magritte, who exploits the images as of others exploit the words. 

This aspect of Street art is not stripped of poetry and our selection held account as much bottom that form. 

Good travel in the heart of works of the painters of the walls of today.