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Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne (1839 - 1906). Young Boy with the Red Waistcoat. (1888-89).

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Paul Cézanne (1839 - 1906). Young Boy with the Red Waistcoat. (1888-89).
This painting has just been found in Serbia. It had been catch 4 years ago with the Gallery zurichoise Emil Georg Bührle. From 1880 the style of Cézanne continues, they are the years of maturity. It still makes impressionist studies with the fugacious nuances but in parallel it practices also the painting of the duration and is risked in timeless and eternal subjects. This portrait is extremely quite made up. Pictorial space is rigorously built. Cézanne starts to represent zones colors with the geometrical aspect. That which one regards as the father of the modern art opens the way with the abstract art and with the cubism of Braque and Picasso. The red of the waistcoat strongly contrasts with the surrounding cold colors.

The point of view is located at the level of the face of the young boy.
Each shoulder of the character occupies a vertical tension field. This one is centered on 3 natural points of interest.
This portrait is however figurativebut it is near to the abstraction. It consists of multiple geometrical figures whose colors change.
The picture is built on the rising diagonal from left to right. A majority of guiding lines are rise upwards.

Details :
The young boy seems thoughtful or concerned. He seems to be deeply plunged in his thoughts.
In fact the waistcoat is two-tone, red and yellow-chestnut. Below the character wears a white blouse.
The scene is located in a bar. With the background one distinguishes the head stylized from an animal on the wall, certainly a wild boar.
Light : The light comes from left the young boy is lit by the side.

Colors : Contrasts between cold and hot colors. Contrasts between complementary.
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