National Museum of Buenos Aires. Argentina.


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National museum of Buenos Aires. Argentina.

The Museum was creates in 1937 by a law of the government which decides the taking up of the residence and the collections of Art of Joséphine de Alvear and Mathias Errázuriz.. The building is of French style and the pieces of furniture are beginning of the 20th century. This building was declared historic building on May 16th, 1997. 
The Museum contains more than 4 000 works which go from Roman antiquity to contemporary creations. Most beautiful works come from the collections of the families Errázuriz and Alvear. These families are Spanish origins and arrived to America at the 18th century. Errázuriz settled in Chile, Alvear in Argentina. The general Carlos María of Alvear, grandfather of Joséphine took part in the fight for independence. (1816 - 1820). Torcuato of Alvear, her uncle was first intendant of the town of Buenos Aires in 1880 and Marcel of Alvear, his cousin was president of the Republic in 1922.
Joséphine of Alvear and the Chilean diplomat Mathías Errázuriz Ortúzar linked himself with the cathedral of Buenos Aires on April 23rd, 1897. Without these families the National museum would not exist.