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Paolo Caliari says Véronèse. The Wedding at Cana. (About 1562-63)

Véronèse owes its nickname at its birthplace Vérone and becomes one of Vénitiens great painters the with Titien and Tintoret. Large colorist and decorator it undertakes with the wedding at Cana a colossal work of meadows of 70 m2 (Height: 6,66m, width: 9,90m).

This table, painted for the wall of the bottom of the refectory of the convent Benedictine of San Giorgio Majore in Venice introduces 132 characters, it is the most ambitious table of Véronèse and also that which was worth the most concern to him with the church…

A lawsuit was made to him by the holy enquiry because this one could not understand how the prefiguration of cene, can be thus transposed in Venice baroque and feasting…