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Behind the Door of Dreams.

Surrealist Pictures of Caras Ionut.



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Behind the Door of Dreams.
Surrealist Images of Caras Ionut.

Rumanian photographer born at the end of the Seventies Caras Ionut uses his own photographs to carry out photographs assemblies and allows us to discover the world of dreams. A surrealist world of course, but also sometimes poetic and romantic.

The characters are encrusted in improbable landscapes, rather often in almost perilous balances. Certain images evoke loneliness, the play with much of humor. The topic of the door carrying out towards the beyond often returns. The fantastic landscapes are treated with subtlety and a great ability in the harmonies of colours. The ships are often failed or of surrealist aspects. The children make swing above marvellous landscapes, the dwellings have such an appearance that the spectator would like to see their occupants. The horse-gears and carousels emerge in nature, the boats fly above the sea. It is a visit of the marvellous landscapes of the world of the fairy tales and secret places of the magic forests. 

The characters are often in contemplation but sometimes also they fight and fight against a situation. A child is perched on an ostrich, another proposes a flower with an elephant. There is often disproportion, rupture of size. Between a small character and a large animal or with a panorama to cut the breath. The scales go up towards the sky, as a door towards the dreams. These scenes evoke the ritual of the passage. The characters are often at the edge of dangerous situations but they control the conditions and the places. There is no anguish as in certain dreams of situation or the dreamer does not find the solution with the problem. Quite simply because are unconscious does not want that it finds it, it wants that the dreamer questions himself.

At Carras Ionut nothing of all that, the world of the dreams is more poetic and romantic that dangerous. Perhaps without to want, because is its philosophy, the artist expresses that the man must control his life and keep control. In the world of the dreams that is not always possible because the unconscious one often seeks to put to us badly at ease. The world of Carras Ionut often pink, or red or blue but always quiet and is alleviated. The dream is an adventure which relieves the man or the child of the hardness of the life, like a significant and delicate loophole. And especially always beautiful. 

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