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Renoir :At the edge of the Sea  

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Fernande Garay : The Tree of Life

Fernande Garay : Forest

Gustav Klimt : The Kiss


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Jacopo Robusti says Tintoret. Cène last. 1547.

This Cène represents the moment when Christ is blessing the bread for Eucharistie. An aureole is illustrated around the face of Christ. In addition to the 12 apostles there are two women, a maidservant bringing the wine and another bringing a dish. This one is surrounded by two children. On the ground, of each with dimensions of the table, a black puppy and a carafe are.

According to the tradition, at the time of his last meal, Jesus asked his disciples to eat the bread and drinking the wine in remembering him. This command, which would be at the origin of Eucharistie appears in two accounts of the New Will describing Holy Cène.