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Maria Remedios Varo.



Maria Remedios Varo. Character. 

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Maria Remedios Varo. Character. 

The portraits of the characters of Rémedios Varo do not form part of reality. They always have something of fantastic, of utopian. This one is characterized by its costume, its face and, bellow of painting, by the mechanism which it orders of its left hand and which enables him to be driven. It looks at us and its face is so strange, by the form, the color, the eyes and the glance that we wonder whether it is about human or of a bird or a hybrid being located between the 2. Difficult to say or the hair is completed and where the costume starts. If it is everywhere about a costume, because there are feathers of various colors. Even the hands and the feet do not have a normal appearance, they are well too long, the fingers resemble claws and the feet are very pointed. However by the form and the color esthetics is with go. The hot colors and the ornament give him a noble and royal pace. Work is decorative harmonious and astonishing. Aren't a little disconcerting also… But the goal of surrealism to disconcert us ? Where the imaginary one start and or stops reality ? Where does reality begin and where the dream finishes ? 

The character is introduced of face sitting on his strange vehicle. There does not exist any space den. The glance of the spectator is first of all attracted by the astonishing face of the character then by the ornaments with the hot colors, then it goes down towards its curious attachment. 

The model is centered on the tension fields and the 4 natural points of interest. Those the top frame the face and the ornaments, those of low its means of transport. 

One the higher third of pictorial space is reserved for the face and the hairstyle, the central part with the clothes, the bottom of work by means of locomotion. 

The painting is built on the ascending diagonal from left to right. There exists a halation of light behind the model and from many guiding lines move away from the character (hair, ornament) thus emphasizing it. 

Details : 

The face is of gray color, the eyes resemble those of a bird, hair and cap merges. One thinks of a Peacock which would deploy its feather. 

The feet are abnormally long and pointed. It is the same for the hands whose nails resemble claws.

The character is perched on a machine of locomotion to the multiples small wheels. Its energy comes from the wind via the 2 small wing mills located at the back. This connects it also and still to the world of the air and the birds. 

Light : The light is located behind the character. It forms a halation and is propagated in all the directions. 

Colors : Harmonize between hot colors.

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