The Composition and Framing.

The Colour

The Composition



Watercolour, Gouache, Pastel

The Fresco

The art of the stained glass

Creative craftsmen

Painting annealed glass

Restoration of the old stained glasses


Test color, composition, light.


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La nature par les nombres (3D) (Nature by Numbers) par rikiai

The Composition and Framing.

The composition is simply the technique of arrangement of the elements in a table. For that, it is necessary first of all that the artist is conscious of these elements, decides on their relative importance then works with them a direction of order and harmony.

There are rules which the majority of the protagonists have tendency to follow, even without becoming aware of it.

These rules are mainly founded on the good direction and their comprehension is easy.

The "gold rule" of the composition is that the principal point of interest must be with the intersection of the third.

That means simply that the principal subject must be with the intersection of imaginary lines traced vertically and horizontally at a distance of approximately a third of the edges of work.

The old ones thought that the division of a surface according to the golden section (1,618) gave particularly aesthetic proportions. The rule of the thirds, which adapts to all the formats, is even simpler to implement. It consists in dividing per equal thirds the two with dimensions ones of the image then to join together these points (mentally) by horizontal and vertical lines. These lines, to which one can add the diagonals, determine the natural tension fields of many works.

The rule of the thirds results also in to release from full and the vacuums balanced well and pleasant to look in the direction length or height.

That is to say 2/3 full or 1/3 vacuum or the reverse. This rule is very much used for the landscape and the portraits.

The careful framing of the subject or the composition of work is one of the concern major of the artist.