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 Fernando Naviskas. Live in Concert.(2012). Structurellism.

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Painting with the Magnifying glass. Zoom.

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Fernando Naviskas. Live in Concert. (2012). Structurellism. 

The Music and painting always had close links. Kandinsky liked to call its paintings : Improvisations (one generally counts 35 of them), perforated, sonatas, of the musical terms. It wants to make " hear the whole world such as it is, without adding to it interpretation related to objects. " In addition to the fact that many painters of reputation realized decorations for ballets realized, others still associated the colors to notes of music. It is noted here that the displacement of the sound in space can be represented. As it is about a Structurellist painting this diffusion is similar to an explosion. But this is very close to reality, the sound waves move and are propagated but simply they are not seen… 

The point of view of the witness is just below the source of the light and the sound waves. There is a strong feeling of bursting to the top and towards the with dimensions ones.

While observing the tension fields one realizes that the higher line is used have has basis for the propagation of the light and the sound. The source is in the center of the higher third framed by 2 natural points of interest.

The public is located on the 2 lower thirds of the painting. The effects of light to the hot colors representing the noise and the music are on the higher third.

The hottest colors and with the clearest colours are located at the center. The cold colors with the darker colours are on in edge of the painting.

Details : 

This silhouette which flies away has wings, a hair and a human figure. It evokes an angel. 

One distinguishes here 2 forms, a human silhouette with wings like on the left and another, yellow, with the dark features ghostlier. The good and evil one with the other ?

The silhouettes on ahead plane are moving.

Here is the representation of the propagation of the sound and the light.

Light: : The light comes from a point of origin in the center, a sun, a source. From there it is diffused in all the directions. Another title for the painting could be : The Concert of the Life. 

Couleurs : Contrast between cold and hot colors. Contrasts between complementary colors.
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