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Born in Paris on July 16 1796 it is only at age the 26 years that it can impose its vocation of portraitist and landscape designer. Previously, in accordance with the desire of his parents, it exerted the trade of clothier, while combing and while drawing as an amateur. Raise of Achilles Etna Michallon, then after the disappearance of this one, of Victor Berlin this one teaches to him the landscape with the manner of Chick. Chick and the Lorraine one will remain always its models. After long voyages in France, Switzerland and Italy it expresses a very sharp taste for nature and a will to paint with precision what it sees. A very personal direction of the light and atmospheric effects are worth to him the reputation of an admirer of the dawn and twilight. At his place what remains inimitable it is the lightness of its painting, its key and its personal style. Its portraits, as majorities female, are characterized by their precision, the safety of their execution and a great freedom of inspiration.

It keeps away from the other painters and Courbet is only, among its contemporaries, to which it dedicates an admiration without reserve. At his place the light blue tone and ochre of works of Italian inspiration dominate a time but are reduced soon of a vaporous gray, signs of its evolution. Its landscapes testify to a great sensitivity and a perhaps perfect agreement with the place which gave them birth. Its treatment of the color announces impressionism. Its fabrics bathe in an atmosphere significant and poetic creating an exquisite atmosphere and melancholic person, it does not dissolve its subjects in the light like the impressionists but milked the specific luminous phenomena with its own sensitivity. It uses the modulation of the tone at expressive ends thus giving to a landscape a particular heart.

It is in the sense that one can say that Camille Corot, precursor of impressionism, fact: " to speak nature ".