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Emile Claus. (1849 - 1924). 

Young country-women going on the edges of the Leie.


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Emile Claus. (1849 - 1924). Young country-women going on the edges of the Leie.

Throughout its career Camille Pissarro (1830 - 1903) says of its work: “My painting does not bite, but at all, that continues me a little everywhere”. It should be understood that the artist thinks that its paintings do not draw the attention. Thus when Pissarro meets Seurat and Signac in 1884 it adopts their style pointillist and thus works during a few years. This period of Camille Pissarro will give us paintings of an exceptional luminosity, the pictures are filled up of a sharp natural light. But as the artist does not sell any painting it returns to a more impressionist technique after having seen works of Turner to London. It’s obvious that Emile Claus knows the works of Camille Pissarro carried out during his period pointillist, it is inspired here by its key and its so luminous pallet. The yellow and the green of Pissarro are practically present at identical as well as the mauve and blue keys. One should not any more to recreate the charm and the atmosphere of the pointillists paintings of Camille Pissarro. To make a great painter one needs a hand and one needs also an eye. The eye is as important as the hand, certain painters have only the eye and others have only the hand. Incontestably, as Monet which he admired, Emile Claus has the eye and the hand. 

The point of view of the spectator is at the level of the 2 young girls. The sky occupies less than one quarter of pictorial space but if one adds his reflection to it in water, at least half. 

The 2 young girls are located on the geographical center of the painting. Between the 4 tension fields and the 4 natural points of interest.

The 2 characters are in extreme cases between the clear zone of the fields to the hot colors and the cold zone of water and the sky. 

The principal guiding lines follow banks of the river. The artist built his work while being pressed on the downward diagonal. 

Details : 

It seems that other people are present on other bank, this explains why one of the young girls is turned on this side. 

The haystacks and the vegetation, with the background, of which the representations are clear on the painting, consist of a whole tangle of lines and points.

The detail of the 2 young girls does not let plane any doubt, work is well a pointillist painting.

Light : The light comes from in top on the left. The 2 young girls are enlightened in half-light. 

Colours : Contrast between hot and cold colours.

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