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Frederic Edwin Church. A Country Home. (1854).
Hudson River School

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Frédéric Edwin Church. A Country Home. (1854). Hudson River School.

For Frederic Edwin Church a country home must be located only at the edge of Hudson River. Moreover in 1860 it is well there that it buys a farm. One understands well that the Hudson River School painters like the impressionist painters in France, seek the light effects, rising or sunset, and the climatic disturbances to reproduce these demonstrations coloured on their paintings. But where the impressionist painters privilege the feature and the structure the Hudson River School painters gives the priority to the image and the imposing one. This position is also interesting and also singular. Paintings start many emotions and in that they are rather close to the romantic painters. They are paintings of atmospheres. Often calm but always spectacular. This landscape made of a great harmony between hot colors is a great beauty. 

The point of view of the spectator is just above the horizon. 
The eye is attracted by the sunlight below the clouds then by its reflection in water. Then it moves on the left towards the lights of the house and their reflections. 

The higher tension field is reserved for the sky. The house, the landscape and the animals are on the lower tension field, near the natural points of interest. 
The large tree in the foreground is centered on the right part of the painting.

The sky occupies half of pictorial space, water and the ground other half.

All the guiding lines of the landscape seek to guide the glance with far, put besides those which surround the house. Work is built on the ascending diagonal.

Details : 

It is the setting sun which causes the yellow and pink colors clouds. 

2 young boys sail on the boat in the middle of the lake, one rows, the other shows him a fish. 

The house is well dissimulated between the trees. If it were not enlightened one would have evil to see it. 

A herd of cow remains in the clearing between the lake and the forest. 

Light : 

The light comes from the back of the clouds and comes to be reflected in the lake or the pond. 

Colors :
Harmony between hot colors.

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