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Jean Charles Bernard. The Eye of Crystal. (2012). Structurellism.

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Jean Charles Bernard. The Eye of Crystal. (2012). Structurellism. 

Here a painting which could be an image of a dream. Here Structurellism and Surrealism are very close. What do we see ? In the center the eye. It’s the body of the light, of the conscience, and, according to Egyptian mythology it gives rise to the world. The world becomes perceptible thanks to the eyes. Whole picture is an act of existential comprehension. The flower, the water which spouts out of forms similar to shells, the centre which points towards the line, all these elements are the symbols of impulses to strong sexual tendencies. The eye itself is sometimes regarded as the body of the woman. The painting does not seek to channel nor with exorciser the impulses, it expresses them and orders them while remaining decorative and harmonious. This face on the right with the prominent chin evokes certain paintings of Dali. Here we are not in reality but in the heart of the unconscious one. It is the prowess of art there and of the artist to express with talent and beauty what normally is hidden and never expresses itself, except the night, during our dreams. 

The point of view of the witness is a little above the eye. The glance is immediately attracted by the face, forms known, and tends to go up towards the line.

The eye is in the center, around him, on the rising diagonal other circular forms are placed and have it knows well that the circle evokes all symbolically that is female.

The rising diagonal of left on the right separates the liquid elements from the air elements. In bottom very runs out and goes down in top very rises and flies away… 

The picture is made up of circles or undulation. The arms and the hands posed on the face are them also of round form. 

Details : 

The hands are on the ears to stop them, for the step to hear the impulses, the water which runs and which spouts out deeper of the unconscious one. This woman refuses to listen to her burning desires.

This flower is in top of the painting what is not surprising because the flowers often evoke harmonious spiritual contents. These contents are often sentimental, The state of the flower indicates to us that they are clear and radiant aspects. That could be different. 

Water is a strong symbol of energy, this water which runs of a drain or of a shell, in any event of an opening, the life represents, it comes from deepest from unconscious, here it is the symbol of the female desire. 

The painting being an oneiric construction it does not have there an external light. The light comes only from the clearness of the colors thus especially of the white. On the other hand there is a reflection in the eye which observes the scene, as if as a good witness it took a photograph…

Colors: Contrast between hot and cold colors and complementary colors.

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