Different Demonstration 
from Abstract art.

Today thanks to the multi-media one of many artists 
can show us what they are able in front 
of the canvas, and on line ! 

These videos could make us believe that it is easy, 
but it is not the case. 

More extremely ! The artists of the Modern Art 
with the technique and the multi-media one 
invent new forms of Art and explore unknown, 
unexplored universes throughout History of Art. 

One finds on the Web of many artists who 
carry out demonstrations of painting of Abstract 
art with acrylic painting.

We carried out an assembly of the videos of 
Elizabeth Roche Alazet,
which we had presented on the website,
of Isabelle Zacher-Finet,
and of John Beckley,
to give you an idea.

At first sight that seems to go quickly 
and be relatively simple to realize. 

But you do not trust this first impression. 
The 3 artists in question have much talent and 
certainly also much of experiment. 

If you wish to carry out the same thing 
you be likely to have much work.

1/ Ridges a sketch on a A4 sheet before launching you. 
Pose the various forms and test the colors.

2/ You cannot be unaware of the principles 
of the composition and framing
even for the abstract art. 

3/ You must also take account of 
the proportions and the harmony

4/ The same before choosing the colors 
read the rules with regard 
to the harmonies and contrasts,
as well as the shade and the light.

Moreover you cannot be unaware of that 
the colors influence the ones the others 
according to their proximity.

Throughout the History of Art the artists 
always imitated and copied 
the Masters who preceded them. 
It is the only way of progressing 
and it is also possible for the Abstract art.

Find a painter of which you admire works 
and try to reproduce them. When you can 
do it to perfection you will be able to find a personal style. 

All this represents many work hours and per 
hour or all must go quickly (even demonstrations 
of the Web) it is important to recall that there remain 
required passages, and crucial stages which you must reach. 

Especially you do not let misuse by the 
impression of facility and of speed which 
can give you these videos, these artists 
have much talent and they have to devote much 
time before arriving to such an amount of control. 

Follow the stages that we indicate to you with 
regard to works with a brush and perhaps
 in some time you will have as many creative qualities. 

You can also invent other methods. 

Look at what is possible with water, oil and colors 
which one makes move and which one films... 

Thomas Blanchard : Colors. 

The technique makes it possible for the Modern Art 
to invent its own forms of Art !

And those are sometimes extremely surprising ! 

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