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The Beaudier Painter : Incandescenc.(2010)
Utimate Amplitude.(2010). Structurellism.
The Beaudier Painter : Timeless gleams.(2010). Structurellism.
The Beaudier Painter: Eternal vibrations.
The Beaudier Painter : Glances. (01.2011)
The Beaudier Painter : Revelation. (2011)
Structurellism of the Beaudier Painter
The Beaudier Painter : Third Eye.(2011).  

The Beaudier Painter : Secret of Eden. (11/2011).

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Secret of Eden. The Beaudier Painter. (Nov 2011). 130x195 cm. 

The Garden of Eden or terrestrial paradise is in the first 3 chapters of the Genesis, the first place of residence of humanity. Adam and Eve make the original sin there and the men will be driven out. In Hebrew the word Eden means pleasure. The name Eden probably has a relationship with Edinn which is the Sumerian name of the plain of Babylon, it may be that the author of the Genesis had to remember the green landscapes of Mesopotamia. The Eden is mentioned in other books of the Old Testament like an extremely fertile place and the word continues to evoke an ideal environment. The play of the colors being rather complex we put the painting moving. One perceives well in the center in the foreground the tree carrying apple, behind him a couple making the original sin and with the recalling background a silhouette with yellow and green contours, either the benevolent creator for a Christian, or a very famous painter whose key also vibrating and was split for a lover of Art. 
The point of view of the spectator, just like the prospect, are central. 
The prospect is central all the perpendicular lines and the obliques convergent towards the center of the composition. The propagation of the various colors is also done on the basis of the center. The key vibrating, is split in multiple segments, the same line can contain several colors. It is tons them clear and the hot colors which dominate. 
One immediately notices this large red range which of deploys to the bottom and the left. In top it is especially the blue which dominates and on the right the yellow and the green. This red, fruit of the original sin means pleasure and lust but also sexuality and vitality. 
Behind the tree each one imagines the 2 bodies in full original sin. Even the apple is present. With the background the silhouette with the goatee is detached from a known artist. 
Details : 
The center where the exchange between the 2 characters takes place the apple seems tended by a hand and a red arm. 
This zone of red color has two functions, by the form it symbolizes the coat or the cape which often Van Gogh carried, by the color it represents the blood of the original sin and the menstruation. 
Light :
The hottest colors thus most luminous are projected forwards. 
The character also looks at to him towards the line thus the future. 

Colors : 
Harmonize and contrasts.
Contrast between complementary colors.
The carryforward of the colors used to the painting on the chromatic circle indicates a contrast between complementary colors.
Blue and orange, red and green are complementary colors.
Similar Pictures : 
The Beaudier Painter. Eternal Vibrations. November 2010. 
This painting of the same artist is close to Secret of Eden, the colors are also sharp and “deer”. On the other hand construction is less rigorous, the presence of several trees ahead plane make a denser painting of it although the manner and the technique are identical. 
The Beaudier Painter. Incandescenc. (May. 2010).
First painting structurellist of the Painter Beaudier, Incandescenc has a palets of colors similar to Secret of Eden. The red is projected to the top and the composition is quite different, the picture is much structured the forms are much easier to recognize. 
The Beaudier Painter. Revelation. (2011). 
6th Structurellist painting of the Beaudier Painter, Révélation is to some extent a synthesis between Timeless Gleams and Eternal Vibrations. Revelation represents the symbol of a force, of an energy which nature contains and which it should be seen when it is revealed to us.