Exhibition to Paris : After the economy, the large cultural stampede !


The Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao opens its annex in Paris.
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Exposures to Paris : After the economy, the large cultural stampede !

Paris always believes the artistic capital of Europe but London enough into soft and if you visit our exposures page you will see well that if there is well some expos to see in Paris in this end of the year we ask our readers to slip by to London because the expos Malevitch, Turner and Rembrandt do not have an equivalent in this moment in Paris. 

For Paris it is the kickoff of the International exhibition of Contemporary art, about which one will not speak to you because we prefer individually to treat the artists rather than in herd and the word fair makes think of an agricultural living room what it is well in fact, a fair with the merchants… 

There is well the inauguration of the annex of the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao 
but let us speak here about it and you will not go to wood… (-; * 

There is also the reopening of the Picasso Museum, but the true Picasso Museum is in Barcelona and this by the will of the Master himself and these children and the interests French will change nothing there. See here the true Picasso Museum

The closed Parisian Museum 5 years ago for work, shaken by polemics lost the hand and wasted time is not caught up with. 

Attention we approach the worst. Arf ! 

For the season autumn-winter 2014-2015, the Art gallery of Paris present:
Kāma-Sūtra: Spirituality and Erotism in Indian art.

Incredible are remade us the old blow of the Japanese prints to light us… How if the Indian culture were limited to that! 

Of anger one proposes this video to you on the Rajasthan in India: 

Video: The Rajasthan, India.

Even if the art gallery takes its precautions while stating that Kāma-Sūtra is not a pornographic 
book as it is often presented in Occident. This same Kāma-Sūtra is not the only element 
of an Indian culture much richer than do not want to make us believe it these sad touts. 

See the page of the museum of New Delhi here

Moreover which interest to see an exposure without the children…. Assured Failure ! 

Not to be in remainder in Orsay soliciting present the illustration of the writings of the Marquis de Sade 
by works of Goya, Géricault, Ingres, Rops, Rodin, Picasso…

The mixture of the kinds is not always a pledge of success. To confuse Literature and Painting is never good sign.

Let us recall that Zola forever understood Cezanne and that they finished scrambled. 

One wants to make us believe that Sade revolutionized the history of the literature while calling into question the rules of the beauty, of the image of the body and the religious prejudices, moral and social. One forgets the whip, the chains, the swords, the torture and the concept of pleasure related to the suffering of others. 

The pleasure of Sade is to subject and to dominate of the people of modest means and the servants it is there that the divine marquis, first to say very high what others do since of the centuries in secrecy because it is illegal. 

On the illustrations Sade is often in prison. To take pleasure to make suffer its next by torturing it is risked and often condemned enough of course. With the bottom of which it lays out and all the impressionist painters that the planet envies to him Orsay makes us suffer! Caution ! 

2 it volume is which? Hitler or Stalin ? 

Video streetwalker also it used by the Museum which shows naked bodies. 
Because once again it you is repeated it if it is about Sade it misses the weapons and the instruments of torture. 

And once again which Interest without the children ?


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