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Tomas Cole. Falls of the Kaaterskill. (1826).

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Tomas Cole. Falls of the Kaaterskill. (1826).

Tomas Cole (1801 - 1848) is a major painter American landscape designer. It wishes to renew the American painting of landscape 
and founds in 1825 the school Hudson River with various other artists. 
Their ideal is symbolized by imposing landscapes containing of the literary references. 
The artist travels in of Europe where he studies Poussin, Le Lorrain and Turner. He often gives to his landscapes contents symbolic system 
very close to the fantastic one. Birthplace of Thomas Cole the solid mass of Catskill is in north east of the USA in the state of New York in the western south of the town of Albany.

The horizon is high, with the top of the summit of the trees to the background. 
The point of view of the spectator is at the level of the small cascade of right-hand side.
The principal fall of the landscape, on the left, is seen in diving.

The two falls are near the natural points of left lower interest and higher right.

The clear zones are limited to part of the sky and water.

The horizontal guiding lines delimit the various levels of the landscape. 
The guiding lines induced by the vegetation are very tormented, this gives a strange and fantastic aspect at this sight.
Work is built on the large rising diagonal.

The sinuous and tormented vegetation forms on the foreground allot a worrying and supernatural aspect to the painting.

This small character gives an indication on the proportions and indicates the imposing character of the landscape.
The moisture of the air lets appear the rays of light.

The sky seems agitated and unstable, the storm and the rain threaten.

Light : 
The landscape is not enlightened in a uniform way, the light comes from in top on the left. Certain rays of light close to water are visible.

Colors :
The carryforward of the colors used to work out the painting on the chromatic circle indicates a harmony between hot colors. The cold colors are used for the sky.
Harmonize between hot colors.

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Kaaterskill Falls is a two-drop waterfall located in the eastern Catskill Mountains of New York. The dual cascades total 260 feet (79 m) in height, making it one of the higher waterfalls in New York, and one of the Eastern United States' taller waterfalls.

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