Fauve Painters. 

Where the Fauve Painters colour-blind ?

Henri Matise. The Green Stripe. Zoom.

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Fauvism. (1905)

In 1901 Henri Matisse old raises of Gustave Moreau meets two young painters, André Derain and Maurice de Vlaminck. Together they seek new manners of painting. They use a simple drawing often voluntarily left and juxtapose violent colors to translate the movement and the depth. In 1905 with the show of Autumn of Paris the critic Louis Vauxelle sees a statuette of Renaissance style in the medium of the fabrics of Matisse, Derain and Vlaminck. It is written then: " Donatello in the Deer! " the artists appreciated the image and their movement taken the name of " Fauvisme ". Then Dufy, Van Dongen and Friesz joined the movement. The " deer " uses pure colors, they reject the naturalism, the depth of the prospect and the color related to the objects. Marquet, Rouault and for a Braque time come to also join them the movement. The fauvism sticks only to the orchestration of the colors and surfaces on the fabric. Matisse is regarded as the head of file of the movement because it publishes in 1908 an article entitled: Notes of an artist. The pure color. This one had the appearance of a proclamation in all Europe… Matisse is the only painter of the group to preserve his style until the end of its life. The deer seized itself of nature in a kind of fright. Thereafter much gave up this paroxysm to evolve to various styles according to temperaments. All except Henri Matisse who is at the origin of the movement....