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The Beaudier Painter. Flowers of Fire. (10.2018). 
. Oil on Canvas. 130 x 195 cm. 

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A painter as any other artist has only one desire : 
to cause the emotion and if possible 
by creating an esthetic shock. 

The Beaudier Painter reaches that point 
naturally while using contrasts between 
hot and cold colours and of the complementary ones. 

The colours are in extreme cases between Impressionism, 
Expressionnist and Fauvist. The form moves away from 
figurative because it uses modern geometric 
standards which are arranged according to 
the laws of the Structurellist movement 
where any share of the center. 

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It is not possible to deliver to you an analysis 
without speaking about the symbolism of the colours. 

Blue when it is clear represents the spirit 
and the forces spiritual. When it is
it is about the world of the impulses close 
of our primitive nature. 

red is the colour of the sensuality, 
orange that of the pleasure. 
yellow symbolizes divine, 
pink represents tenderness and affectivity, 
the world of the feelings.

The point of view of the spectator 
is a little above the center of painting.

Framing highlights the zone at the hottest colours, 
on the left between 2 natural points of interest. 

2 thirds of pictorial space for the zones with 
the hot colours, a third for the zones with the cold colours. 

The general form evokes a flower compared to the center. 

Details : 

The zone where the colours are colder consists 
of multiple colours which seem to move 
to the center towards the right line. 

The hottest colours are close to the center, 
they are diffused in all the directions 
but the most luminous are 
in bottom and towards the left. 

Here you can note that there is not 
that 2 or 3 colours but a multitude 
and which are overlapping 
the ones in the others. 

Light : 

The eye of the spectator always 
tends to follow the hottest colours. 

Here yellow and the orange. 

It is especially attracted to the top, 
bottom and the left. All the colours come 
from the center where lie down the sun 
by regarding the painting as a figurative work. 

Colours : 

Contrast between hot and cold colours, 
contrasts between complementary colours. 

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