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Drawings of Anger. Art, Soccer and Money. Street Art.

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Drawings of Anger. Art, Soccer and Money. 

It was once a damaged world cup which was lost before being played. Since 2012 Brazil and the FIFA mislaid this cut and the match was played far from the light and of the spangles, on the walls of the big cities : Rio and Sao Paulo. The children of the cities and the artists did not want this play. A play which consists to build or arrange stages for million dollars and to organize an sports event with the expenses of the taxpayer without this one not being listened. Because this one requires schools, hospitals a better life for his children. Give them bread and plays…. They did not want any…. Very quickly the artists of Street Art said NOT to the World 2014. More education, less corruption. The walls say what the spirits want released. They need food not football. And the artists broke out. They did not have the air very sure of them these Brazilian footballers and it well is understood when it is known that the large majority of their public did not want this cut in Brazil. These sportsmen were humiliated in their hearts before being it on the ground. 7 to 1…. There was can be 1 Brazilian out of 7 ok to this cut on their premises. Not more. The drawings are violent ones, not innocent whole. They designate the culprits: the money, the high-speed motorboats of Foot, king Pelé at the head and prince Neymar then, the FIFA and its president Blater marked and considered to be guilty of corruption, but especially the drawings show the needs for the children. The Brazilian people and artists are adult and do not let themselves handle. There were thousands of people who ravelled and expressed in Brazil against the World one of Football. Many was bludgeoned. A few tens drew on the walls of the city at night far from the bludgeons. What it will remain of this world cup they are these drawings and these photographs which makes even more evil with the image of Brazil than does not matter that it demolished on the ground. Which government can become aware of the force of Art ? None ! Therefore the Nazis had if fear of Art They taxed art expressionnist with degenerated… One remembers the caricatures of Daumier or Philipon but not of Louis Philippe or if little…. There are at the head the wild portraits of Goya but one forgot about which king of Spain it is… However Charles IV and Marie Louise have the air of crowned imbeciles under the brush of Goya. It’s for that… It is because one will remember the fly of “ me President ” but not of François II… Therefore the artists of the world say to all the governments… 
Be Care : “ We can do it ! ”