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Franz Marc (1880-1916). Fighting Forms. (1914).

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Franz Marc (1880-1916). Fighting Forms. (1914).Expressionnism.

German painter, Franz Marc is, with Kandinsky, one of the founders of the group the Blue Rider. Its subject preferred are the animals, (horses, cows, stags…). He likes spaces without depth where he links on the same plan the subject and the landscape. He seeks to express the equality between the man and the animal who have the same origin : nature. At the end of its career it approaches the abstraction but the essential component remains the color which it uses in violent one contrasts. Under the double influence of the cubism and futurism It becomes a precursor of the abstract expressionism. It employs stylized lines and curves, as well as bright colors and unrealistic persons, to which it grants a value symbolic system, to magnify its idyllic vision of nature. It gives to the colors a significance blue is male rigorous and spiritual. The yellow is symbol of femininity, softness and joy. The red is the color of violence.

The point of view of the spectator is about on the level of one the higher third of painting.
The form whose dominant one is the red occupies the 2 left thirds of pictorial space. That whose dominant one is blue the right third. The place where the 2 forms clash finds on the right vertical tension field, between 2 natural points of interest.
The picture is divided into 2 principal zones. The red zone on the left, the blue zone on the right. Two entities are detached thus from this composition, a red form resembling an eagle and a dark form which resembles a swirl. These two masses seem to clash.
The large ascending diagonal from left to right division the table in two, one thus notes a distinction between a clear part and dark. Of with dimensions hot colors, yellow and reds that Franz Marc regards as female other of the dark colors of the blue and purple symbol of the masculine for Marc. The painting would not be simply the confrontation of colors but also a war of the kinds.

Details : 
One recognizes the shapes of birds of this with dimensions of the red form.
This form resembles a nozzle of parrot.
This detail evokes the greenhouses of a raptor.
Light : The light is produced by the hottest zones , yellow and the clear oranges, and colors. In top, bellow and on the left.
Colors : Contrasts between cold and hot colors.

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