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Carlo Carrà. Funeral of the Galli Anarchist. ( 1910). Futurism.  

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Carlo Carrà. Funeral of the Galli Anarchist. ( 1910). Futurism. 

Angelo Galli is an Italian anarchist killed by the police force during the strike of Milan in 1904. Its burial, immortalized by Carlo Carrà in 1910, was a large confrontation between the anarchists in mourning and the Italian police force. Futurism speaks in praise of the modern world, speed and movement. Carlo Carrà is well placed to represent an animated scene. 1910 are one year significant for Carrà, cofounder of the futuristic movement, with Bossioni, Severini, Balla and there Russollo it signs this year technical Proclamation of futuristic painting. The futuristic ones adopt the style of cubist to return the dynamism in the compositions, but the painting announces as metaphysical painting as it will practise then with Giogio De Chirico. The characters are without faces or unrecognizable and are plunged in a scene of nightmare. Work is a true overcome moving fray of black flags and it is quite difficult to recognize each side. Young Carrà was anarchistic with many other futuristic, but later its political opinions became reactionaries and ultra-nationalists. It was strongly influenced by Fascism and answered the neo-classic directives which were enacted by the mode of Mussolini after 1937.

The point of view of the witness is at the top of the character in the foreground. The eye, distinguishes 2 groups from each with dimensions which seem to clash.

The character in the foreground is on 2 tension fields, near to a natural point of interest. It is the same for the 2 groups on the right and on the left. 

The clearest zone is on one the higher third of the painting. The darker zone is on the 2 lower thirds. 

The painting which represents a confrontation exploits the opposition of the 2 diagonals.

Détails : 

These black flags raised towards the sky are anarchistic. 

This character in the center raises the arms to protect himself from the blows. He holds in his right hand a ballot box which must contain ashes of Galli. 

These shapes in arc of circle are not ranges. They retranscribe the movement of the bludgeons which fall down on the people.

The light comes from in top on the right and comes to be reflected until on the ground.

Colors : Violent contrasts between complementary colors. Heats and cold. 

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