History of Painting (interactive Chronology)


Some navigators will ask you to click on the file to activate it. Then move the pointer towards the line if you wish to advance in time, towards the left if you want to move back. Pictorial painters and Movements are organized by colors. Clic on the Portrait of a Painter to consult his page, idem for the Pictorial Movements or Styles. While using the arrow back page of your navigator you return on this interactive Menu. (or the button History).

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The interactive presentation top should guide you well at the chronological level on the history of pictorial art, the styles and the movements compared to the traditional history. 
Here in complement principal pictorial transaction dates by chronological order :

Average Age (Before 1400)

Rebirth (1400 -1520)

Mannerism (1520-1620)

Baroque (1590-1790)

Rococo (1710 - 1770)

Neo-classicism. (1770 -1830)

Realism. (1830 - 1870)

Romanticism. (1800-1860)

Symbolism. (1890)

Expressionnism. (About 1892)

Impressionism (1860-1900)

Postimpressionnism (1870)

Pointillism (About 1883)

Naïve art. (1900)

Fauvism. (1905)

Abstract art. (1907)

Futurism (1910).

Constructivism. (1914)

Dadaism. (1916)

Cubism (1907- 1940)

Surrealism (1920-1947)

Op Art. (1950)

Informal art. (1950)

Fantastic realism. (1955-1980)

Hyperrealism. (1970)