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John Simmons (1823-1876). Here Lives Titania. (1872). 

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John Simmons (1823-1876). Here Lives Titania. (1872). 

One sees Titania here deadened under a veil which is used to him as tent. It is surrounded children and imps. Titania adopted 2 children whom it found in the world of the mortals. It cherishes them of a possessive love and it completely excludes her Obéron husband from this relation. It thus decides to give him a lesson on the dangers of an egoistic love. It decides with helps of Puck to manufacture a philtre of love resulting from the juice of magic flowers, which, once poured in the eyes of Titania, will make him wish the first to be seen with its alarm clock. It is about Egée which is have a head of ass and while it susurre of the soft words and that it covers Egée of Oberon caress and Puck make disappear the children. When Oberon breaks the charm which made Titania in love and awakes it, it is horrified to discover that it could be in love with an ass, it becomes aware of its selfishness and agrees to share with Oberon its love for the found children.

The point of view of the witness is on one the higher third of picture. Then the glance goes down towards Titania, the children and the vegetation.

Titania the principal character, is on 3 tension fields and 3 natural points of interest. 

In the foreground deadened children, Tinania on the second plan, then background. 

Picture is built according to the downward diagonal. This one separates the group from the sleepers of the waked up people with background.

Details : 

With the background on the left, the beings of the forest make a round around a tree. Others seem to fly and rise upwards.

The Titania fairy is deadened on a floor of flowers.

Among the small deadened beings, one distinguishes from the elves with wings, but also from the human children.

The veil under which Titania sleep is tended by a crown which itself rests on a flower. 

Light: :

The light comes from the top, on the left and concentrates on the body of the fairy and certain children.

Colors : Contrast between complementary colors.

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