Museum of Fine Art. Houston.


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Museum of Fine Art. Houston. USA.

Opened in 1900, the Museum of the Art schools of Houston is the greatest cultural establishment of the South of the United States. The Museum comprises several establishments of which the school of Art Glassell and the Rienzi collections of American and European decorative arts. The campus comprises a cinema two libraries of research and public records. The encyclopedic collections of the Museum cover all the cultures of the world, of antiquity to the contemporary art. They relate to all visual arts: drawing, photography, painting and sculpture.
The original building of the museum was designed by William Ward Watkin in the neo-classic style. The Museum of Fine Arts of Houston has a simple currency : “ Art for all ! ”. The mission of its Education department is to offer programs, excursions and resources which teach and imply the adults, the children, the teachers and the students of the world of Art. The Museum proposes a whole range of dynamic services, workshops, professors classrooms, free visits, being addressed to any type of public. Whatever the level and the age, of the nursery school at the university. There exist even programs for the blind men and the deaf people or the visitors suffering from the disease of Alzheimer. In the same way for the handicapped people and with reduced mobility. An example to be meditated….