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The Beaudier Painter : Ultimate Amplitude (2010)

Structurellism of the Beaudier Painter

The Beaudier Painter : Incandescenc.(2010). Structurellism.

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The Beaudier Painter: Incandescenc.(2010). Structurellism.

Beaudier wants to propose the side structural of nature. The technique consists in aligning looks of color on the basis of the center as a sun what makes it possible to give a structured, removed the structure from or partially removed the structure from central vision. The alliance of the form and the color, thus make it possible to carry out works with the colors practically fawn-coloured, the prospect is central, from where a visual effect of radiation. The picture irradiates, heats, burns….Work transmits energy, vital force, like an explosion of multiple hot and cold colors but always sharp. The picture is easy to understand, captivating, attractive, one thinks of the starlight night of Vincent, Matisse with Derain, their colors: “let us beat dynamites”, in the center… all is there, the life, the emotion….it is new… It is the Structurellism of Painter BEAUDIER.

Work is presented of face, the spectator is directly confronted with the center.

As the prospect is central the emotion starts there….

From the central point of view (traditional prospect) all perpendicular lines convergent towards a single break point, located at the center of the composition, thus allowing to create depth and to divide space into multiple plans where take seat each element.

Emanate from the center, zones colors emergent like sun or of a galactic cluster, this model exists in astronomy. According to the first cosmological theories, the Earth is the center of the Universe and the other stars move around it. Each zone color occupies a well defined space.

The center (here of the tree) is the source of the colors which irradiate space. The plants and the trees, are before all the allegory of what in us is calm, natural, and evolves to a harmonious balance of the person in accordance with the internal laws. The plant expresses psychic contents which plunge their roots in the obscure funds of the existence. Powerful trunk, stem limbed or flexible grass bit support and project towards the sky, i.e. the spiritual field, the multicoloured formation of the sheets and the flowers. It is through the trunk and the branches that the sap assembles dark depth, changes and feeds all the organization. The circuit of the various vegetable states is an allegory for the circuit of the psychic development whose tree is a typical image.

The center of work is the source of the explosion of the colors. Structurellism like definite its creator the Beaudier painter consists in aligning looks of color on the basis of the center as if the center were a sun… Its goal is to affirm to underline the spiritual side of nature and the heart of each creation. On this subject, the tree, which is an allegory of the circuit of the psychic development is a completely adapted symbol.

The high part of work represents the spirit and the world of the ideas. It is natural that blue dominates. Blue is always associated with events of spiritual nature, it is the color of the sky and of the reflexive function, it is a cold color which releases something of superior… He often indicates a moderate and considered behavior.

The low part is dominated by the yellow which contains a particular solar heat, clear and penetrating, it is the color of the intuition and the presentiment. Goethe said yellow: “It is a clear, merry and soft color; but it is depreciated by the effect of the lightest addition. ”. In our moderate areas the green symbolizes nature and the vegetable life. It is also the color of the sensitive function. The colors under a tree recover the roots…

There is no external light. The explosion of the colors occurs in the center of work and the diffusion is done by concentric circles in the manner of a sun, these circles appear when the borders between the zones colors are delimited. The colors, especially upwards, go up like long flames. Scratches, or hatchings, which strew the ground evoke the landscapes of Van Gogh, the Olive-trees or the Field of Wheat to the Corbels (1850).

Color: Contrasts between complementary.

Pallets. The Beaudier Painter : Between Matisse and Van Gogh…

Harmonize and contrasts the carryforward of the colors used to work out the fabric on the chromatic circle indicates a contrast between complementary colors. Blue and orange, red and green are complementary colors.