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7. September. 2012.

Bernard Martin Renou ( : 
Hello, could you describe us in some sentences the principal rules 
of the Structurellist movement which you founded in 2010. 

The Beaudier Painter : 

To create a painting on the basis of the center or going towards the center with keys of colors, in order to as much as possible approach nature, by its vibrations, its movement, its energy and its heart. 

BMR : The prospect or the central organization that you use, and who was neglected a long time, 
your manner of breaking the features and of working by multiple keys with the knife, 
all this take much time to you to carry out your works? 

The Beaudier Painter : 

Enormously ! Because paintings which I try to carry out are very complicated. 

BMR : From which do your ideas come? Paint you according to photographs (fixed moments), 
your inspirations or visions, paintings of other artists (Vincent Van Gogh for example) 
or a mixture of all that and other things still. 
Knowing what the creative process is often very complicated, and in your opinion your paintings 
are they the reflection of your personality?

The Beaudier Painter : 

Of course I was influenced stalemate by the Masters of before ! 
More particularly Vincent Van Gogh with which I share the same sensitivity. 

But it is through my glance of nature, my unconditional love for it that my works take day and I think that they represent my frame of mind completely. 

BMR : Incandescenc, Timeless Gleams, Glances, Revelation, Eternal Vibrations, the 3rd Eye…. The title of your paintings often refers to the light and the vision and perhaps with something of hidden behind reality. 
In this referring to the analyzes which are on the site have must ask you : 
Behind would your technical positions be there a philosophy of life ? 
For example: Respect and listening of nature, desire of going in the middle and at the bottom of the things, 
the source or the origin? 

The Beaudier Painter :
Yes : it is necessary to like nature, to be more close to it and of course to love the beings which live there. 
Time is short, it is necessary to make in a time assigned a certain number of works which will be like appearances so as to leave a trace of its passage, so that the men more protect their nature, open their conscience. 

BMR : In Arles Vincent wrote in Théo that I was necessary for him to outrage the colors more. Van Gogh, opening the way with the expressionnist and the deer juxtaposed on it’s paintings the hottest colors (impressionist influence), 
by breaking the feature and while using spiral and volutes it is influenced by the Japanese Masters. 
But by doing this it carried out a synthesis and found its own way. 
Do you think that your manner is very influenced by Van Gogh or your painting remains it nevertheless rather personal?

The Beaudier Painter : 

In nature there exists a multitude of colors which the human eye does not manage to distinguish. 

My mission consists in certain cases restoring, to raise and to multiply these colors to be even closer to nature and Vincent Van Gogh had understood it well, and it is undoubtedly for that we are also close. 

In this world there are people who resemble each other by their thoughts and their acts and yet they are different, it is also my case ! 

: Other artists adhered to your movement. I am of opinion that this change in their manner their made it possible to carry out paintings even more beautiful, I think especially of Pierrette Chapus, Willie Shapira, although these artists at the beginning have a true talent. What can bring the Structurellist position to a painter ? 
If it is a change why? 

The Beaudier Painter : 

Structurellists said to me:
“ When one becomes Structurellist our heart, our soul open, all becomes easy, one understands better our nature and one discover, one likes it better ! ”

In fact I think that they become aware of the true value of their nature (power, serenity and beauty) and of our duty towards it. 

BMR : In 2011 with the “grand palais” one separated you from your movement and relegated only to the bottom of the living room of the independent ones. Your Association of the Structurellists Painters required assistances and support at various organizations of France, without great results. It seems that other countries, like the United State, are interested by your work than our country. What do you think about it ? Do you know the true reasons? 

The Beaudier Painter : 

In France we are in conservatism!

Be care with the innovations ! 

In the United States they take more risks, they like the sensational one. 

On the bottom I think that all is a media history… 

The Beaudier Painters and the Structurellists expose the 21at the 23 septembre 2012 in the Grand Veneur : 65 rue Gabriel Séailles à Barbizon (77630) France. 10 h at 19 h. inauguration the 20 septembre at 18 h. Press : Marie Cristal Kee :

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