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John Haverty. Gangrene.

John Haverty. Gangrene.

Gangrene is a joining of diagrams of watercolours which extends over 30 feet long and 6 feet high. 

This work, as the infection of the same name represents a joining which continues to develop because it body and is not repressed and organically.

Gangrene is an ambiguous visual representation which clarifies serious problems of our company like the not controlled population growth, over consumption, pollution and the war which we accept as a standard. 
This work was entitled Gangrene, because, like the infection, if it is not fought, 
these consequences will finish early or late by us to destroy. 

Joining is like an untreated wound, it appears and devours empty space on the sides. 
This work was carried out in the south of the United States mainly in the major south with Savanah in Georgia where the gangrene devastated the rows of the combatants of the civil war, and where the wounds of the battles continued to develop in all the corners of the cemeteries of the area after the burials. 

John Haverty is an artist who seeks to reconcile his work and his career of chief of crew for American Airlines. 
These last years it spent its time to travel and working on its works 
in and out of the rooms and the hotels at the time of its stopovers to the airports. 

The collection, entitled gangrene is a joining of watercolour and diagrams made with the ball point pen which is stretched 27 feet long and 9 feet high, and growing every month.


Video : Civil War Song.



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