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Kroeze Krew. Rolling Down.

Kroeze Krew. Rolling Down.

Rolling Down is a water 24' fall carved in wood and inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King pronounced at the time of her last short speech before its tragedy assassination: 
“ Let justice go down downwards like water, right-hand sides, in a powerful flow. ”  

This descent to the bottom is also a reflection on the current events of our company, which accentuate the differences, tragedies coming from the ideologies of competition, the authorities which on-react, permanent suspicion and the actions which carry damage to all. 

This work is an artistic call to the action concerning the study of the conflicts met in order to improve our communities while we live and thrive in a multicultural company, gathering the differences ethnic, religious, ideological, morals, economic and physics which characterizes the world of today. 

This message is conveyed by the symbolism of 7 wood different going down downwards in a cascade, separated at the beginning, but which mixes then all together when they break with the bottom of the fall and which finally runs towards outside in a streaming without clash and diversified.

About Kroeze Krew.

Kroeze Krew is composed of Nick Kroeze the principal artist, 
its sons Nicolas and Nathan and son-in-law Chet Glass. 

They started to work together for the first time by carrying out a named work
 “ the Pond. ” for Art Prize 2014. 

They were very happy to share this experiment and found that 
it was an excellent moment in the foundation of a family.

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