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Vladimir Kush. Surrealist painter. (1963). 

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Vladimir Kush. Surrealist painter. (March 29th, 1963). 

Born in Moscow, Vladimir Kush exposed in Bavaria to Cobourg in Germany (1990). Its Paintings are sold. He flies away for Los Angeles in the United States or he rents a small garage, he earns his living by drawing portraits with Santa Monica then goes to Hawaii. In 1993 an exposure is organized to Hong Kong. It is an immense success. New exposure in 1995 still to Hong Kong. Still a great success. In 2001 Vladimir Kush opens his first gallery, in Lahaina, Hawaii. It has 4 galleries in the United States today and projects to open some to Hong Kong. 
The artist illustrates the Surréalisme term well like describes it André Breton : somes forms of associations of ideas, the power of the dream, the play not involved in the thought. Each painting of Kusk is an idea. The veils of the ships are butterflies or petals, the human silhouettes are contained in flowers, glasses or bulbs, they have the shapes of scissors or spinning tops. The situations and the atmosphere are always poetic. Anny pictures have much humor and the artist can play perfectly with the illusions. This Surréaliste tendency is the same one as that of Dali, Magritte or Ernst, the familiar objects are represented with much exactitude but also with distance, often deformed, as if they were seen through a prism. This tendency of Surrealism names verist Surrealism. The artist brings us in a fantastic world, his universe is particular, with his own codes, breaking the laws of the physics and with the top of the real-world. The boats take refuge in ports in the middle of the clouds, the men sail on wood rivers. This world is that of the dream, of fantastic and of marvellous, it is rather close to that of Salvador Dali, one finds there the same codes and the reference to the time which passes, it is a world where all is possible, even the most improbable image. Here resides all the force and the talent of the artist who involves us in his poetic and merry imaginary world and us makes it divide as if there really existed. Welcome in the fairy-like and poetic world of Vladimir Kush.