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Georges de La tour.

Born with Vic-on-Pail close to Nancy in 1593, its life is badly known. In 1620, it is in Lunéville, where it opens a workshop with several pupils and starts to acquire a certain fame. Its works are appreciated in the "higher realms" of its time. He becomes painter of the king and receives even orders of the governor of Nancy. Its style has neither the mannerism of its contemporaries nor the setting in scene idealized of the French baroque. All is in the composition, in the control of volumes and lighting. Its tables, to the motionless or pensive characters, are impregnated of a particular poetic magic. At his place the art of against day touches with its paroxysm, it uses the light to model volumes and contours. Thus it is especially famous for its night parts, simple, testifying to a great saving in means, often in obscure light, taking as a starting point the Caravage. This leaves think that it was in Italy and this reveals also the influence of the Flemish and Rhenish caravagists. In a number of its fabrics (only a score can be allotted to him with certainty) the characters are lit by an emanating beam of light of an oil lamp or of a candle, the remainder of the scene is lost in the darkness.