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The brothers Le Nain were three. After the sudden death of his Mathieu brothers
Le Nain, young person, born in Laon about 1607 would have finished some their works, which makes from there attribution even more difficult. He is regarded as the least personal of the brothers the most elegant Dwarf but also in his style. Antoine Le Nain, the elder one, is a realistic painter born in Laon about 1588. It is possible that it was formed, like his brothers, by an unknown Flemish painter. Arrived to Paris into 1629 the 3 brothers melt a workshop which becomes very famous but it is often difficult to distinguish their works. Antoine is especially known for his strongly typified portraits. Louis Le Nain, brother of the precedents born in Laon about 1593, would be the author of works most known of the brothers Le Nain. Those are very influenced by the Italian bambochades and by the Dutch scenes of kind, they are country with caricatural tendency but very realistic scenes. The Forging mill, the Family of peasants about 1642, would be with her hand. The 3 brothers sign simply : Le Nain, an about sixty tables appear to return to them. They were called the " painters of reality " En 1648 Louis and Antoine dies while Mathieu, the junior, continues his career lasting thirty year old meadows and disappears in 1677. The brothers Le Nain fall into the total lapse of memory and are rediscovered only at the 19th century.