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How Mashups changes Cinema. 

When Mashup influences the film production. 

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One could believe that Mashup that we classify 
in the special effects (see here), 
uses the cinema for its creations and which 
the influence of the one on the other goes only in one direction.

However Mashup influences also the Cinema. 

Do not throw into a panic we will explain you how. 

Mashup (in French mashed potatoes or mixture) is the art 
of the assembly accelerated to pay homage to a scenario 
writer or to express a concept, an idea or an atmosphere.

One could believe that it is about a new practice. 

Actually it has been already a length moment that the schools 
of Cinema teach Mashup with their students in assembly.

Here for example the Compilation of the 16 fictions 
of end of the year of promotion 2015 of the students in 3rd year die 
Cinema & Audio-visual at the school 3iS, realized by Eric Dinkian.


Full Screen :

 And a long time ago that Mashup influences 
the cinema. In particular for the trailers. 

Vidéo : Pulp Fiction trailer. (Maxime Corbel).

Full Screen :

The film Pulp Fiction, divided into several little 
stories which intermingle and whose characters cross 
several times, has a very original assembly 
which takes as a starting point the Mashup. 

One will never insist enough on 
the importance of the assembly to the cinema. 

Take a rather banal scenario : a young actress of talent
 arrives at Hollywood and fall in love with a pretty 
brown young girl, but a realizer, (who has problems with his producers), 
steals his amante to him. Then it kills it. 

Assemble all this in the disorder add there a key 
of fantastic and you obtain the palm of the best 
realizer in Cannes and you ignite all criticism. 

Why? Because you use a language very close to the 
dream and the unconscious one, and in what it makes, 
David Lynch is always inspired by unconscious and the psychoanalysis. 

Vidéo : Trailer Mulholland Drive. 

The first used systematically Mashup are the advertizing executives.

This does not have anything astonishing because 
the realizers of the clips for the marks are often young 
and have the double Cinéma culture and Internet. 

The use of Mashup, or in this case of an accelerated assembly, 
gives rhythm to the clips, and the rhythm it is dynamism,
 and it seks by the marks. 

Nike Better world.

Full Screen :

The various television channels, to promote 
their programs, realize regularly of Mashups of 
series or films diffused in the month. With or without topic scour. 
And sometimes rather comic. 

Video : Canal Plus Série Club.

Full Screen :

Since the Lord of the Rings one does not film any more 
the battles in a linear way with a load, a shock and an end 
of the battle made up of the battle field and corpses. 

The spectator can follow each character in what arrives 
to him during the battle, which gives of Mashups to the 
epoustouflant rhythm and sometimes the realizer 
suggests an idea or an atmosphere as the hiding 
of John Snow in the Battle of Bastard of Game of Thrones. 

Exceptionally one finds on the Web of the clips which 
show how the special effects of the battles are carried out. 

Game of Thrones “ The Spoils of War ” breakdown (Season 7, Episode 4).

Full Screen :

One of the last innovation consists in realizing of 
Mashups or the assemblies suggesting a movement in space. 

For example a vertical movement. 

One remembers Chaos Is A Ladder in Game of Thrones 
and of the scene worship, Season 3 Episode 6 : 

The last episode of season 8 reveals horizontal 
Mashup of any beauty. The realizer manages to create 
a movement which is
repeated in different scenes and places. 

It is a stylistic effect interesting that we will not show 
you for those which did not see the oddment yet. 

On the other hand we show you the Official 
Trailer card for not déflorer the subject. 

Game of Thrones. Season 8. Official Trailer (HBO). 

Of course the Cinema influences much more Mashup 
that the opposite but Mashup influences also the cinema in return. 

This gives extremely rythms scenes as one can find 
some in films of Avengers, in condition however not of misusing it. 

These techniques give so much rhythm to films that 
the spectator is likely to be drunk 
and to weary himself if one misuses it. 

Especially if the scenes are too long… Attention thus ! 

Mashup Cine´ma. Julien Lahmi. 

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