Mbuti Women. Républic of democratic Congo. Africa.



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Mbuti women. Democratic republic of Congo. Africa.

The Pygmies are a population of small size, 1,50 m on average, they are originating in the African Equatorial forests. They have specific ethnic names, Akka and Mbuti in the forest of Ituri, Twa in Rwanda. They live in groups of about thirty people and are monogamists. In the Ituri forest in the North-East of old Zaire today Republic of Congo democratic the Mbuti women paint clothes, loincloths, named pongo or 
murumba and uses its ritual clothes for the rites of passage, the ceremonies 
funerary and the spontaneous celebrations which mark the life of the Mbuti tribes. 
Reasons are generally geometrical or take as a starting point the nature (animals, plants). The Mbuti women also have charges the musical aspects with them with their tribal culture and compose of the polyphonic harmonies. By doing this they show an artistic and cultural vitality out of the commun run and yet millenium…